Vote Phil Weiser for attorney general

Dear Editor,
With the election upon us, there is a crucial race for Colorado’s next attorney general. This letter is in support of Phil Weiser for that essential position.
Phil Weiser is an innovator and a collaborator, at a time when many in both parties take the position of “no compromise.” Phil Weiser has shown his commitment to rural communities and will work with local leaders here in the San Luis Valley and across Colorado. He’ll help us develop and implement smart ways to deal effectively and proactively with our most pressing issues—from the dire opioid crisis to addressing health care costs to protecting our land, air and water.  
Phil Weiser will perform the AG’s duties of law enforcement while bringing his impressive legal expertise and leadership experience to managing the AG’s office. As the former Dean of CU’s law school, Phil can effectively direct the large team of attorneys around the state. And he will work across the political spectrum, to find practical solutions that meet real needs.
Of particular importance here in the Valley, the AG plays an essential role in water. Phil Weiser will protect Colorado’s water and help us work toward a more sustainable water future, with local control and creative solutions to the extent possible.  
He’ll also work to keep our public lands public, so that everyone can access them and their resources, for their important role in our economy and way of life, from ranchers who rely on them for grazing, to those of us who collect firewood, hunt, fish and recreate on them, and for all of us who care about our shared lands.
There is so much at stake in this election. This is a time when Colorado needs the best lawyer we can find, to help us help ourselves and to protect our interests. We are fortunate to have a candidate with Phil Weiser’s expertise, intelligence and heartfelt approach to public service, to be Colorado’s top lawyer. Please join me in voting for Phil Weiser for Colorado’s Attorney General!
Thank you,
Rio de la Vista, Del Norte


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