Valley native seeking help with cancer expenses

Tolliver’s sisters set up a Go Fund Me account

MONTE VISTA — Becky White Tolliver, a San Luis Valley native, learned she had breast cancer in March of 2020.

Tolliver, who has worked at many places in the Valley, including the Campus Café and Dos Rios, was frightened when she found out she had breast cancer, and opted to have a double mastectomy. Along with the double mastectomy, Tolliver also underwent radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

After the treatment and double mastectomy, Tolliver believed she had beat cancer and started putting her life back together.

In September of 2021, Tolliver began to experience excruciating back pain. In November of 2021, Tolliver visited an emergency room, believing that the pain was nothing serious. After a CT scan, doctors found that Tolliver had multiple lesions in her skull, a fracture on her vertebrae and multiple cancer spots on her spine. Tolliver could not believe it, as she thought that the cancer was completely behind her.

After a follow-up appointment with another doctor, Tolliver received more devastating news, Tolliver had bone cancer, and it was everywhere in her body, including two spots on her liver, one being just under the size of a golf ball.

Tolliver was scared, angry, and lost, she believed she had done everything she could to rid herself of the cancer and now here it was attacking her again. Tolliver’s family has been supportive, especially her husband Darren White, who is also a native of the Valley.

White said, “I worry nonstop about her.”

Most recently Tolliver was given a type of morphine medication to help with the pain. Tolliver is also taking chemotherapy pills.

Doctors have not given Tolliver a prognosis of what to expect, as they are simply watching her for right now to see how her body responds to the current medication.

The family has many out-of-pocket medical expenses that they are having difficulty covering, along with basic expenses.

Tolliver’s sisters, Mandy Tolliver and Lori Connell, have organized a Go Fund Me page for Tolliver to help with expenses.

Her sisters have said, “It is truly giving us strength to know that she has supporters out there that believe like we do, that she can beat this!” 

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