Valley celebrates Independence Day


Photos by Marie Mccolm Hundreds of people watched the annual July 3rdParade in South Fork on Saturday. The theme of the parade was ‘She’s a Grand Old Flag.’

SOUTH FORK — While Monte Vista did not have an official fireworks show during the Fourth of July weekend, there were celebrations in South Fork on Saturday and in Alamosa and Creede on Sunday.

Residents and tourists painted the town red, white and blue at South Fork's annual July 3rd celebration.

The festivities commenced with a tasty pancake breakfast, that was held from 8 to 10 a.m. at the South Fork Community Building. After the breakfast, people were seen window shopping and enjoying the blue skies and fresh breeze, in this pleasant historical town.

The annual Catfish fry soon followed at the South Fork Fire and Rescue building, with firefighters as well as the Chief of the Fire Department Tyler Off in attendance.

Off was extremely enthusiastic about the event, stating, “We've served fish for about 18 years now. When we first started it, we actually started this event as a pig roast, but we only did that for two years, and then we started serving the fish, that seemed to be what most people liked better anyway.”

Off added that “this event has been going on for a full 20 years now, and we average about 900 people a year, but because this year the event is on a weekend, I really think we are going to break a thousand this year.”

The line that was seen outside of the fish fry, was indicative of the numbers Off mentioned.

At 3 p.m., hundreds of people lined the streets to enjoy the South Fork July 3rdParade, as it slowly started to come down the Frontage Road in the middle of South Fork.

Many of the people at the parade cheered loudly, when the big fire truck in the parade, came through and sprayed everyone with water.

Children up and down the streets ran happily, as float after float threw candy and Popsicles into their eager little hands.

Two of the children, Ember and River Young enjoyed the parade

“It's so much fun, we love when we get the candy,” they said. 

Horses with buggies, South Fork's finest EMS and Fire and Rescue trucks, along with ATV's, tractors and local business vehicles all lined up and donned both American and Colorado flags proudly, in conjunction with the theme of the parade “She's a Grand Old Flag.”

The Kiwanis BBQ was held from 3 to 5 p.m., and a flag retirement ceremony was also held at 5:30 p.m. by the Fort Carson Color Guard, at the Rickel Rodeo Arena, and rodeo events soon followed with many people in attendance.

At dusk a splendor of fireworks was seen and heard, concluding South Fork's July 3rdcelebration, with a brilliant display of colors, lighting up night sky over South Fork.

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