Vali 3 Theatre awaiting projector parts to arrive

Once repairs are made it can show movies again

MONTE VISTA — On Jan. 1, the Friends of the Vali 3 Theatre announced their movie projector was down.

Friends felt bad about the announcement as a family movie was scheduled for the new year. Friends also announced that the projector being down came at a rough time because the holidays made it harder to order the parts to repair the projector.

With some of the parts expected to come in a week after the notice was put out, the Friends of Vali 3 were hopeful that they could get the projector repaired but unfortunately were unable to do so.

Friends of Vali 3 recently announced that more projector parts are coming before the end of January. They are hoping that the new parts will fix the issue and the projector will be up and running again soon.

Friends of Vali 3 announced it has family passes for sale for $15 for four people, and people can purchase popcorn from 5-7 p.m. or they can donate $5 or a cleaning product and receive free popcorn.   

Friends of Vali 3 is also looking for new board members. Anyone interested can stop in and ask about their Advisory Board.

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