State-of-the-art secondary STEM LAB installed at Sargent

MONTE VISTA—Sargent is excited to partner with Paxton/Patterson who has provided learning systems to schools for the past 20 years.
The students will have training in nine different areas in healthcare: biomedical engineering, dentistry, EMT (emergency medical technician), sports medicine, therapeutic services, health information systems, medical imaging and veterinary medicine.
Each area has micro-credentialing and the “leveling up” capabilities. This lab will bring subject matter experts into the classroom and give students the experience they need to be successful in healthcare. The program will help prepare students for the medical professions of tomorrow through informed career decisions today.
Sargent junior high students will be participating in the following exploratory hands-on labs: digital manufacturing, digital music, environment and ecology, computer graphics and animation, health and fitness and flight technology. Interactive multimedia, project-based learning and group collaboration create a unique learning environment. This is active learning which leads to problem solving similar to those found in actual work environments.
The school’s elementary program, called “STEM Train,” introduces students to the art of communication in STEM and increases in difficulty from technician level in third grade, to researcher in fourth grade and engineer in fifth/sixth grades.
This summer instructors were sent to Orange County, Calif. for a week-long training for the STEM Labs. Teacher James Holmes claimed, “This is one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended!”
Sargent is excited to provide this unique STEM opportunity to their students.

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