SLV Regional Science Fair shares results

ALAMOSA — Following are the place awards for Monte Vista and Sargent students at the 70th SLV Regional Science Fair held February 28-March 1 in Alamosa.

Behavioral & Social Sciences
High School
First Place — Amada M. Quintana, Monte Vista High School, The Effects of Stress on Teenage Substance Use

Middle School
First Place — Marissa Lilianna Martinez, Monte Vista Middle School, Imagine the Perfect Title!
Third Place — Presley Lozoya, Monte Vista Middle School, Don’t Over React!!
Honorable Mention — Celeste Dominique Chacon, Monte Vista Middle School, Are You a Shady Sister? (Criminal Activity in Colorado)

Biomedical Sciences
Elementary School
First Place — Corbin Castillo, Sargent Elementary School, Scurf Awa
Second Place — Elena Baumgardner, Bill Metz Elementary School, Blindfold Taste Test
Third Place — Connor Mellott, Bill Metz Elementary School, My Crazy Lazy Eye
Honorable Mention — Evie Hinds, Bill Metz Elementary School, Horror Heart Rates

High School
First Place — Amanda L. Avila, Monte Vista High School, Trinady A. Gonzales, Let There Be Light: The Effects of UV Rays on Bacterial Growth in Food
Second Place — Elora Smith, Sargent High School , It Takes Guts Part One
Third Place — Blaine Solomon Gillespie, Monte Vista High School, Are Your Hands as Clean as You Assume?
Honorable Mention — Shunna Shuntel Sauls, Monte Vista High School, Super Supplements:  Antibiotic Properties of Foods and Herbal Remedies

Middle School
First Place — Grayson Givens, Sargent Middle School, Bacteria Battle!
Third Place — Megan Peterson, Sargent Middle School, Stephanie Johnson, The Great Vape Debate
Honorable Mention — Jordan Rockey, Sargent Middle School, Bacteria Busters
Honorable Mention — Wyatt Cross, Sargent Middle School, AJ Garcia, Severe Atmosphere

Elementary School
First Place — Kyra Griffin, Sargent Elementary School, Icy or Hot? Does Water Temperature Affect Plant Growth?

High School
First Place — Ashlyn Rockey, Sargent High School, Physiological, Yield, and Tolerance Response, to Managed Irrigation In Chenopodium Quinoa
Honorable Mention — Caleb Mose Riggenbach, Monte Vista High School, A Study On The Effect High Carbon Dioxide levels Have on Raphanus sativus L. and its Environment

Middle School
First Place — Trenton Ryse Paskett, Sargent Middle School, Wild Fire vs. Wild Flower
Second Place —  Urianna Azita Acosta, Monte Vista Middle School, Micro-WAVE Goodbye to Radiation!
Third Place — Kaden Ray Mellott, Monte Vista Middle School, A Bean’s Fight At Night
Honorable Mention — Carlos Ochoa Marquez, Monte Vista Middle School, Let’s Squash That Theory!

Elementary School
First Place— Alex Gonzales, Bill Metz Elementary School, Gummy Bear Osmosis
Honorable Mention — Madison Henderhan, Bill Metz Elementary School, DIY Party Balloon Fill Up

High School
First Place — Alyssa H. Rawinski, Monte Vista High School, Tracking Microplastics through a Food Chain to Determine the Effectiveness of Plastic Biodiversity
Second Place — Chinmay N. Jayanty, Sargent High School, Pure or Impure: Rapid Test for Adulteration in Milk
Honorable Mention — Jameson P. Oberrick, Monte Vista High School, My Car Won’t Turn Over in This Cold Weather!

Middle School
First Place — Madelyn Beiriger, Sargent Middle School, More Than Just a Malt
Third Place — Westen Holder Burkhart, Sargent Middle School, The Crappiest Project
Honorable Mention — Maria F. Sears, St. Peter’s Lutheran Middle School, Safe or Sorry
Honorable Mention — Christopher Joseph Gonzalez, Monte Vista Middle School, Fantastic Bioplastic!

Consumer Sciences
Middle School
Second Place — Jacob Watson, Sargent Middle School, Matthew Voss, Frozen Truck

Earth & Space Sciences
High School
First Place — Amber L. Michel, Monte Vista High School, Rock On: Limestone’s Potential to Improve Water Quality in the Alamosa River Drainage
Second Place — Matyson Raye Jones, Monte Vista High School, Fire Storm: Examining the Relationship Between El Nino/ LA Nina Weather Cycles and Wildfires

Middle School
Second Place — Brigid Lopez, Sargent Middle School, Drift Away

Elementary School
Third Place — Eli Baumgardner, Bill Metz Elementary School, Lend a Hand
Honorable Mention — Diana Villa, Bill Metz Elementary School, Hour of Tower Topple Fun

High School
Honorable Mention — Marian Helen Kidd, Sargent High School, Oh Shift!
Honorable Mention — Ethan Hotz, Monte Vista High School, Plastic Joints: A Study into 3D Printing Orthopedics

Middle School
First Place — Augustus Gerald Miller, Monte Vista Middle School, Device for the Ice!
Honorable Mention — Cayden J. Larimore, Sargent Middle School, Under Pressure
Honorable Mention — Kaden Tolsma, Sargent Middle School, Solar Water Heater

Environmental Sciences
Elementary School
First Place — Logan Futrell, Bill Metz Elementary School , UV and Altitude Exploration

High School
First Place — Andres Villa, Monte Vista High School, Examining the Toxicity of Herbicides and Fungicides on Terrestrial and Aquatic Organisms

Middle School
Second Place — Garett Thomson, Sargent Middle School, Clean Up Your Act
Third Place—Aaron Codie Price, Sargent Middle School, I Dichn’t See You There

Mathematics & Computers
Elementary School
First Place — Tanner Houser, Sargent Elementary School, The Blind Platformer

High School
First Place — Sara Nehring, Monte Vista High School, Pattern Recognition Using Neural Networks in the MATLAB Programming Environment

Elementary School
First Place — Jakoby Ross, Bill Metz Elementary School, Head Over Heels
Second Place — Domyon Naranjo, Bill Metz Elementary School, Over or Under
Third Place — Reagan Futrell, Bill Metz Elementary School, 3-2-1 Blastoff!

High School
First Place—Molly M. Nehring, Monte Vista High School, Galactic Outcasts: A Simulation and Study of the Interaction Between Stars Within Globular Clusters

Middle School
Second Place — Evan Watts, Sargent Middle School, Gyroscoped
Third Place — Joshua Carbutt, Sargent Middle School, Do A Barrel Roll
Honorable Mention — Jaxon S. Ritchey, St. Peter’s Lutheran Middle School, Give Me Your Best Shot

High School
First Place — Camille P. Rawinski, Monte Vista High School, UnBEElievable Pollination - Examining the Effects of Air Pollutants on Bumble Bee Pollination

Middle School
First Place — Madison Patricia Miller, Monte Vista Middle School, Fowl Play: How Different Types of Recreational “Play” Affects Flush Response In Waterfowl
Third Place — Alexandrea L. Paulson, Sargent Middle School, The A”maze”ing Race
Honorable Mention — Kaedyn Kristopher Serak, Monte Vista Middle School, Stop Bugging Me!
Honorable Mention — Kord Lawrence Tideman, Monte Vista Middle School, Gettin’ Jiggy With It!


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