SLV Homegrown Band to perform in Center

CENTER—SLV Homegrown Band is the featured band for the upcoming and final music event of the summer at the new Casa Blanca Park downtown Center on Thursday, Sept. 7 from 6 to 8 p.m. 
Playing a mix of old and new country and soft southern rock, the group will reunite after going their separate ways approximately four years ago when some of the members moved out of the Valley. The group consists of Larry Messoline (bass and vocals), Lyssa Messoline (backup vocals), Eric Dean (rhythm guitar and vocals), Jay Almquist (keyboard), Linda Almquist (backup vocals), Zeek Campbell (lead guitar), Ken Michel (drums) and Amy Dean (mandolin, guitar, vocals). 
“I am so excited to be playing again and am having a great time,” said member Larry Messoline, who has been driving to the Valley from Raton to practice. 
They will be performing Amy Dean’s single “Cowboys With Wings” and CDs will be available for purchase. The song was written and recorded as a tribute to the three heroes who lost their lives while trying to save their cattle. “The news touched me so deeply, I just felt led to do this” said Amy, “I was a little frightened to put it out there, but had faith that God was in control and knew better than I what the grieving families needed. When I received a phone call from one of the fathers, thanking me and telling me it brought him joy, I knew I’d made the right decision.” The profit from sales of CDs and downloads is being donated to a non profit group called “Cowfolks Care.”
“This is an amazing group,” said Amy, “and I am both honored and humbled to be a partner with this organization. They work directly with families in the agricultural and ranching communities to help in times of devastation. They are currently bringing aid to folks affected by the Montana wildfires.”
Cowboys With Wings is also available for download through Amazon and iTunes, or you may donate directly to:
The band will also be performing for the first time in public, a second song written by Amy that will be recorded and available for sale soon. “This one is a surprise, based on a true story that my Mom shared with me years ago that I’ve never forgotten.”

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