SLV Health receives vein finders

Brent Lehto, director of laboratory services, demonstrates the AccuVein Vein Viewing System. This equipment will make it easier for hospital staff to find veins for medical procedures. Courtesy photo

Community support appreciated

ALAMOSA— There’s some hope for people with difficult-to-find veins or even those just plain scared of needles. Thanks to a local donation, San Luis Valley Health in Alamosa recently received two vein finders, which will make finding veins not only faster, but with more accuracy.
In December, students from Sandie Wehe’s Studio entertained more than 80 guests with holiday jazz selections. The students chose to donate the money from ticket sales and additional donations to the San Luis Valley Health Foundation to help purchase vein finders.
With this donation, the foundation was able to order two vein finders, along with portable charging stations. The equipment digitally displays a map of the veins on the surface of the skin in real time. Not only is it portable, the vein finders can also easily convert to hands-free use with the help of its charging cradle, allowing hospital staff to immediately locate a vein.
Kelly Gurule, director of the SLVH Foundation, is honored that the foundation was chosen to be the recipient of the group’s generosity.
“Having community support is always appreciated, but knowing this donation came from the Valley’s youth makes it that much more special,” she said. “The vein finders will not only help the cancer center patients, but they will also be available to be used for other patients.”


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