SLV AWS director weighs in on Mullet facility

Dear Commissioners of Rio Grande County,

In this day and age what we do affects the rest of the world. We cannot act in an insular way any longer. Rio Grande County may be a small area in the entire United States; however, what happens there affects the rest of the country.

Every time you bring a new puppy into the world, an adult dog at a pound or shelter dies, not euthanized, but killed. Millions of dogs in this country are killed every year for the simple reason there are not enough homes for them.

This puppy mill will ultimately produce thousands of dogs each year, from the breeding mamas and the puppies sold, who continue to breed, on and on. 

Alvin Mullett claims he loves animals and loves to see children delighting in a puppy. He will not screen for responsible buyers because he wants to sell puppies.

The pet stores he will sell to on the Front Range won’t either. Everyone is in it for the money. 

The small shelters in this third world area struggle to stay in existence financially, to save dogs for the love of dogs, not for money. If Mr. Mullett truly cared about animals, he would start a rescue shelter instead of a retail outlet. Mr. Mullett will be adding to the animal overpopulation problem, a problem not caused by animals, but by the humans who continue to breed them, for money or lack of education or lack of spay/neuter funds.

If you approve this puppy mill, you are responsible for the deaths of more dogs.

Aileen Peek,

Volunteer Director

San Luis Valley Animal Welfare Society

managing a non-profit, no-kill shelter

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