Shopping local will make an even bigger impact in 2020

In November, Monte Vista residents voted in favor of adding a 1 percent sales tax to business transactions beginning Jan. 1, 202

MONTE VISTA - In this day and age, when you can buy almost anything online you want and have it delivered to your doorstep, shopping locally is even more important to towns across America. Small brick and mortar businesses have been forced to close shop and going out of business sales have sadly become too common. Many of these small businesses depend on the holiday season to keep their lights on.
In Monte Vista this year during the holiday shopping season local businesses shared that they had normal sales for the time of year and had decent business. Some businesses stated that this year was a little better than years in the past.
Business owners are hopeful the shopping local trend will continue into the new year. The year 2020 gives even more importance to shopping local in Monte Vista as voters passed the City’s One Cent tax during November’s election. Starting Jan. 1, 2020, the new sales tax will go into place giving those in the community just one more reason to shop local.
Revenue from the new sales tax will go to fund Monte Vista’s public works department, police department and maintenance/renovation costs for the Ski-Hi Complex. The city anticipates the funds they will receive from the penny increase will total $400,000 annually. Forty-percent of the tax revenues will go to the maintenance of Ski-Hi. It is hoped that this will help the City be able to keep costs to community users lower. Part of the one cent revenue will also be utilized in the Friends of Ski-Hi building project for the new facility.
Public works will be receiving 35 percent of the sales tax revenue. These funds will be used to maintain and repair the streets in Monte Vista. They also plan to use the money to pave some of the dirt roads in Monte Vista. A third priority will also be to improve drainage throughout the city.
The remaining 25 percent will go to the police department. The new revenue will allow the department to hire an additional officer. The funds will also be used to equip officers with the industry’s standard safety equipment.
In Monte Vista in 2020 you will not only be supporting small businesses when you shop local, you will also be a part of making sure these improvements are possible. Each dollar and penny spent locally will go to better roads, better recreation and safer law enforcement.


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