Sharing Christmas Project

To the editor,
I would like to express an appreciation on Sharing Christmas Project. It is not a single individual but many. One support group that was accidently omitted was the Center Kiwanis. The Center Kiwanis members have provided 15 food baskets with a gift certificate for years. This year, they provided 18 food baskets with a generous gift certificate. Thank you!
I would also like to thank the Center Promotoras members Anita and Gabby Rodriguez for wrapping presents and organizing the food boxes. The seniors who gave of their time to volunteer for food and present shopping, as well as wrapping presents. It was so appreciated by me and the families who received the gifts. K & J’s for ordering the food and getting it all organized as well as Carlos Ramos for helping unload the large pallet of food at the school.
I especially want to thank the Center Cafeteria staff for ordering food items and the Center Schools staff for donating food items and cash. There were many staff members who donated an hour here and there to complete the project. Thanks!
It is with a grateful heart that I thank Adele Alfson and Brian Ullery for their extra work on the two delivery days. I truly could not have pulled it off without your generous help and wisdom.
Finally, any good project is only as good as the people who are willing to deliver the items. I want to thank Tony Garcia and the transportation staff for delivering the 55 baskets throughout town and the country.
Once again, I would like to thank the financial support and supplies donated by Del Norte Bank, Warsh Farms, Biel’s Consulting and Malouff Farms.
Thank you so very much for your assistance one and all!
Susan Banning
Center Schools


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