Sargent plans on having homecoming

MONTE VISTA - During their last school board meeting Sargent Superintendent Brian Crowther told the board during his report that they do plan to have a Fall homecoming this year. “Everybody’s been working on homecoming and that’s a big question mark. As far as I know we will be the only school (in the Valley) to have a Fall homecoming. Everybody else is saying no, ‘we’re waiting until Spring. We’re waiting until basketball, volleyball, whatever,’ and we’re going. We’ll do the best we can do. The kids want to do it and if we’re allowed to why wouldn’t we?” said Crowther adding, “The biggest question on that is still the dance. We don’t know quite how to figure that out, I heard from one superintendent that they’re laying out hula hoops in the parking lot. You have to stay in your circle. I don’t think that’s going to work.”

The plans are still the works Crowther sharing the last proposal he heard from students to make it a safe event, “The last proposal was to bring in a big tent with a couple of gas heaters that way they could wear their formals inside and still be somewhat comfortable. I’m afraid that that’s going to count as indoors though, because it doesn’t have that air flow circulation. We’re trying. Still in the planning,” said Crowther.

Crowther also shared some challenges they have with football now that CHSAA has allowed schools to play this Fall. “CHSAA says we have to keep separate cohorts between communities. They will come in the end there. We’ll have it fenced off where visitors just come in there. They go to their side, they can’t come to our side for the restroom for concessions or anything like that. It’s all fenced off. Our side has to stay on our side and we have to be spread out,” Crowther told the board. Crowther also sharing that they are trying to get some porta potties for the visitors’ side, and that they may try to work something out for them to get concessions. “We may let kids take some concessions over to the dividing line, and maybe second quarter and third quarter we’ll give you ten minutes to come buy candy bars and pop. I don’t know this whole thing is a mess. It’s a challenge but we’re going to do it, we’re going to do the best we can do,” said Crowther. 


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