Sargent hopes for more normal fall

MONTE VISTA - At the last Sargent school board meeting Superintendent Brian Crowther shared his hopes for a return that is as normal as possible in the Fall. During his report Crowther shared with the board some new information from the Governor and the CDE. Crowther shared how they are finding the numbers show that the virus is most dangerous to the elderly, and the compromised but is not effecting children as much.

“In fact there’s statics to show that about 10 times more kids have died from the common influenza then from COVID,” said Crowther. Crowther shared with the board that they will still be putting some safety interventions in place and some precautions. Currently they are still working on putting together start up plans.

“I can foresee asking parents to take temperatures at home. The bus drivers will take temperatures before they get on the bus, so parents will need to be trained to wait not just take off. Before students walk into school we’ll also take temperatures and so those are things that I’m sure will be universally in place. I don’t foresee students being required to wear masks,” said Crowther sharing that some schools have put out their start up plans in which wearing masks will be required for students.

Crowther shared that from the current information he had been receiving he sensed it may be optional and up to the student and parents to decide. However he shared that it may be mandatory for staff to wear masks.

“And then of course the sanitizing and cleaning. Social distancing where possible. I foresee having all kids back four days a week. And obviously if parents like to keep them home or they have any signs or symptoms of sickness then they’ll be asked to stay home. And so there’s going to be a componentize option online that we’ll have to continue,” said Crowther.

Even though Crowther shared that he hopes students can return to in person learning in the Fall in as normal a way as possible he shared that the school will also be following health guidelines. “My hopes are that we’re going to start as normal as possible. Certainly we’ll follow county and state guidelines but I’m really in hopes that they’ll be minimal,” said Crowther.



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