Sargent holds memorial dedication for Adams


Photos by Marie Mccolm Approximately 40 people attended a memorial dedication ceremony for Sargent School District teacher and FBLA advisor Sharon Adams on May 1. Adams passed away Thursday, Nov. 23, 2023. Her husband, Kerry Adams, is pictured near the bench. A dinner was held after the memorial dedication ceremony for Sharon Adams at Sargent School District on May 1. Kerry Adams speaks at the memorial dedication ceremony for his wife, Sharon, at Sargent School District on May 1. Sargent Academic Booster Club member Shon Davis, right, was the emcee of the event.

Bench placed in honor of the longtime educator, advisor

MONTE VISTA – Approximately 40 people attended a memorial dedication ceremony for Sargent School District teacher and FBLA advisor Sharon Adams on May 1. Adams passed away Thursday, Nov. 23, 2023.

A memorial bench with a plaque honoring Adams will be set up at the school. The bench was placed at the school and the plaque will be added when finished.

Sargent Academic Booster Club member Shon Davis, who is also RG Bank CEO and president, welcomed everyone to the event and reminded them to stick around for the dinner afterward.

“The dinner is free, with a suggested donation of $10. Any money received will be given to Sargent FBLA. Which is 100% the way Sharon would have wanted it,” he said.

Davis then introduced the song “For Good” from the musical “Wicked.”

“Kerry Adams, Sharon’s husband has stated that this was one of Sharon’s favorite songs, and he asked that it be played today,” Davis said.

Davis then began to talk about the dedication of the bench that sits in front of the Sargent School District building.

“We are gathered here at this bench, to remind everyone who passes this bench to take a pause, so that students, teachers, administrators, and community members, who pass by here, can take a moment, some time, a pause, to remember and learn about Sharon Adams and her impact on Sargent School District, FBLA, and the community,” he said.

Davis emphasized that her impact with Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) was not just at Sargent - it was district wide, statewide, and nationally.

Davis then introduced Sargent High School Principal Michelle Shelley David.

“As I remember Mrs. Adams, I think back to the strong qualities that she modeled for her students and colleagues,” David said. “The first quality that I remember is that she was always available to students and staff. Her second quality was consistency. She expected students to all not be at the same level, but to all give their best effort. The third quality was her commitment to her values. What she valued she committed to. She defined commitment by her presence, her passion, and her persistence. Even though she had retired it took about two years for her to turn in her school keys because she wanted access to her passion. It is my great honor to have known such a wonderful woman. This bench is a beautiful memorial dedicated to her memory and what she meant to the Sargent community. Thank you.”

Chance Padilla, who was a student of Adams, also spoke.

“Sharon was the type of person that always put others first,” Padilla said. “Besides my parents, Sharon was my number one supporter, without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Sharon was more than an advisor and a teacher. She got to see me during defeat and exhaustion. During those times she was there, encouraging, strategizing, and building me into a strong individual. I am truly grateful for all those stories that I have of Mrs. Adams. I can’t wait to share them with my children. I hope that everyone finds their Sharon Adams. An influential, encouraging, loving, number one fan, to cheer for them during their victories and support them during their challenges. Thank you.”

Current FBLA Advisor Stephanie McBartlett also spoke at the ceremony.

“Mrs. Adams is the reason I went to business school,” McBartlett said. “She was always inspirational too, always in your corner. Last summer in August when she found out I was the business teacher, she called and congratulated me. She said anything you need let me know, I will be the anonymous donor to get you anywhere. I said thank you Mrs. Adams. I am bringing back the Mrs. Adams FBLA at Sargent. My whole chapter made it to state and nationals are coming next year for you. Thank you.”

Davis said plaque would state how Adams gave 37 dedicated years to Sargent School District as a business teacher, and FBLA Advisor, from 1979 to 2017. Davis read the entire heartfelt inscription. It details her accomplishments, and her winning Teacher of the Year in 1987, 1988, 1996, 1997, and she has also been recognized with many recognition awards over the years. Adams took her students to state FBLA 37 times and took her students to nationals 33 times. She also remained active in the school district after she retired, helping with many activities.

Sharon’s husband, Kerry, spoke at the ceremony saying that Sharon found a home that she never wanted to leave in Sargent.

“The song that began tonight, was adapted from the play ‘Wicked,’ that musical was adapted from ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ the series features a young Kansas girl, who looks for and discovers life outside the farm but realizes of course that there is no place like home,” he said.

Kerry explained that the series reminded him of his wife, Sharon, who grew up on a small farm in Kansas, and left Kansas looking for adventure.

“She got here to the Sargent community and found a home that she never wanted to leave,” he said. “She wanted to share that idea with her students, finding adventure yet keeping the option to always come home. I hope that in your travels, students, that you are able to realize that, that you are as the song said a couple of minutes ago, that you are changed for good. I am sure if she were here now, she would want me to thank you all for creating a place for her to sit and look out at where she called home. I hope you take the time to use this wonderful bench that’s out here to help solve life’s great mysteries. I know you will be able to talk to Sharon here. Please sit down and enjoy it. We appreciate, we want to thank Sargent FBLA. Thanks to all of you for coming and honoring Sharon so nicely. Thank you very much.”

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