Sargent Farmers plow into new school year

Sargent students Jeni Johnson and Clay Kimberling (at right) tell the board of education how the first few weeks of school have been. 

MONTE VISTA— Before Sargent’s regular board of education meeting on Aug. 26 they held a work session to talk to the District Accountability Committee (DAC) about Friday classes.
The district is hoping to start offering special classes on Fridays. When they asked students and parents what kind of classes they would be interested in, life skills was the top result. Results included learning cooking skills, how to do basic car maintenance, personal finance, plumbing, electrical and many other practical life skills.
If they do the classes they are hoping to make them into courses so students can go more in depth. They also discussed dividing them by age groups so the courses can be more age-appropriate. The school board is very interested in trying to offer these classes free to students. They also have several teachers who have shown interest in teaching the classes. At this point they are still in the planning stages and are looking into what offering these special classes would look like.
During their regularly scheduled meeting, two students, Jeni Johnson and Clay Kimberling, came before the school board with a report on the first week of school. They told the board that this year one of their goals as students has been to instill school pride and get the school pumped up. One week in they are already noticing new energy in their classmates.
Kimberling told the board about their recent big brother, big sister pairing up. This special program has high school students pair up with elementary students, who they help look out for. “It went unbelievable well,” Kimberling reported about the event. They had a giant game of tag with students from K-12 joining in the fun. They also had a K-12 dance of the Macarena. “It was just an awesome moment,” said Kimberling. They shared how the high schoolers are actively participating in the big brother, big sister program.
Johnson also shared how she has had younger students coming up to hug her. “You can tell that the elementary is excited too,” she told the board.
Johnson also shared that sports are looking good as they begin the new year. As they start this first semester they told the board they’re excited for this year. They also told the board how amazing the atmosphere around the school has been during this first week. “It’s the happiest I’ve ever seen this school,” Kimberling said.
During the superintendent’s report, new Superintendent Brian Crowther shared how he too is excited for the new school year. As he begins his time as interim superintendent he said they’ve already been able to make plans and establish some good habits. He also told the board this first week has been a pleasure for him. “I am really enjoying working with good people who are committed to good education, doing the right thing and working hard. The students have also been amazing. I was really shocked this first week. I like to stand out there and greet people and see what’s going on. While I was standing out there, I was amazed at the number of high schoolers and middle schoolers who came up to me, introduced themselves and shook my hand.” He told the board, “You just don’t find that a lot with today’s youth anymore. So I was excited about that.”
With so many great things happening around the school, the Sargent Farmers are excited as they take on the new year, with excellence as their goal. 


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