Ruck club to start in M.V.

MONTE VISTA— At the Thursday, June 6 regular meeting of the Monte Vista City Council a unique and interesting presentation was given. Alex Notov of Three Guys Farms attended and shared his idea and plan to start a ruck club in Monte Vista and the San Luis Valley.

Approaching the podium with a weighted pack on his back Notov explained the background he recently gained with rucking and more details about the concept. “About a month ago I did an event in Colorado Springs called GoRuck which was basically 20 miles over the course of about 12 hours led by a Green Beret. It was a very humbling experience. There was myself, my girlfriend and 14 other folks that I didn’t know anything about, until we all got together and carried a lot of weight, and basically just got beat up a little over the course of those 12 hours with 40 pounds on our back,” he said.

Notov said the group carried logs, water bags and did a lot of fun stuff together. The humbling experience was amplified for Notov by the Green Beret teaching the group that this was a good way to become a team, work together and accomplish goals together. Notov also got to be a team leader, and in so doing was able to lead military or ex-military personnel in accomplishing some tough work.

“In so doing— I thought this is pretty cool— what if were to bring this to the community of Monte Vista and propose starting a ruck club,” said Notov.

He explained that GoRuck is an organization started by a Green Beret with former special forces members of the armed forces being involved. The ruck clubs promoted by the organizations are clubs started by communities such as Monte Vista. “They are run by folks within the community. Pretty much the whole purpose is to get out there into the city and walk together and enjoy the city, do some physical exercise, grow as a team and grow as a community.”

Notov said the backpack he was carrying at the city council meeting was about 30 or 40 pounds. He said that if a group of people started getting together and walking around with these packs others might think them a little weird. “That’s okay. I’ve always been a little weird and I’m proud to get a bunch of weirdos together,” he joked.

Notov then played a video from GoRuck which outlined what a ruck club is even further. The video explained the sense of camaraderie that can be developed by joining. It also showed what a ruck club typically looks like walking through an area being led by someone carrying the American flag. The video emphasized that just about anyone can join a ruck club, with people of different physical fitness levels able to participate.

Chief of Police John Rosecrans, himself a Green Beret, expressed his support for the starting of a ruck club in Monte Vista. He stated he thinks it is a good idea for community health, and even to be a good set of eyes for the community. He committed the police department’s support and assistance with future rucks that may take place in town.

Notov then asked the council for help acquiring a meeting place to help get started and being able to promote where to go for the first ruck get-together. The council was very supportive and thought his idea would be a great addition for recreation opportunities for interested Monte Vista citizens. City Clerk Unita Vance offered the city of Monte Vista’s courtroom as a place for that initial meeting.

The San Luis Valley Ruck Club will have its first meeting in an evening in July at the Monte Vista Court Room. Please follow their Facebook page at to keep up to date with the latest information and to become involved.


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