Romero nominated for SRAC 2017 Rider of the Year

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What a truly amazing race season it has been for Stetson Romero. He absolutely loves super cross racing and his yellow 50cc Factory Works Cobra bike. Together, they have raced to the finish line in first place many times this year.

Romero has just completed his third year of racing and was able to once again capture two Colorado State Champion Titles in the 2017 SRAC Race Circuit, giving him a total now of five Colorado State Titles. He is one of very few racers who has been able to earn one or more Colorado State Titles each year he has raced, thus, being able to name himself a “Colorado State Champion” for his whole entire 50cc racing career. This is such a huge accomplishment for any racer, let alone for such a young little guy. 

Romero brought home the 2017 Colorado State Champion Titles and first place trophies in his 50cc 7-9 Class and in his 50cc Open Class. He also rides a 65cc bike and proved to be very successful on it this year as well. Stetson was able to bring home a second place trophy in his 65cc 7-9 Class and a fifth place trophy in his 65CC Open Class. 

Along with these many accomplishments, Stetson was also nominated as the 2017 SRAC Rider of the year. It was very exciting and a huge honor to see his name on the nomination form. It is really neat that Romero, a young 50cc rider, was able to prove himself to the SRAC board members and that they recognized his abilities and nominated him.

In addition to the SRAC race circuit, he also competed in the 2017 Amsoil Arenacross Circuit and in the Kicker Arenacross Circuit. Romero qualified for the Amsoil Nationals in all three of his 50cc Classes. He went into the National Championships as the West Coast Champion holding down first place and as the points leader for the Ultracross 50cc Class. He went into the 50cc 7-8 year old and 50cc 4-8 year old Classes in second place. In the Kicker Arenacross Circuit, Stetson was able to bring home a first place overall trophy in his 65cc 7-9 Class, a second place overall trophy in his 65cc Open Class and two second place overall trophies for his 50cc 7-9 and his 50cc Open Classes.

Romero has worked very hard this year and has grown tremendously in his abilities as a rider. Some of his favorite highlights from this race season are: being the only 50cc rider to attempt and successfully hit the double – double – double rhythm section at the SRAC State Championship Race in Greely, being the only 50cc rider to attempt and successfully hit the 45 foot, catapult, finish line jump, at the Amsoil Competition in Portland Oregon, and being the only 50cc rider to successfully clear the 45 foot, finish line, table top jump, at the Kicker Arenacross Competition in Casper, Wyo.

Stetson has always been a huge inspiration to his younger brothers. Easton Romero has loved being able to race along-side Stetson.

“Easty Beasty” has just as much of a passion for super cross racing as his big brother does. Easton has just completed his second year of racing and what an awesome ride it has been for him! Last year, Easton finished sixth place, just out of the trophies in most all of his classes in the SRAC Race Circuit, and so, he set his goal to get up in the top five and get some trophies this year. With his determination, hard work and lots of passion, Easton has accomplished his goal! In the 2017 SRAC Race Circuit, Easton was able to bring home a third place trophy in the 50cc Injected Class and a fourth place trophy in the 50cc 4-6 year old class. He also finished eighth in the 50cc Open Class – This was a class where he had the opportunity to race against his brother Stetson. He loved doing this and he says one day, he is going to beat him!

Easton also raced in the 2017 Amsoil Arenacross Circuit and in the Kicker Arenacross Circuit. Easton was able to qualify for the Amsoil Nationals in his 50cc 4-6 year old class. In the Kicker Arenacross Circuit Easton was able to bring home a 3rd place overall trophy in the 50cc 4-6 year old class and he finished sixth place overall in the 50cc Open Class. Easton is only five years old, but he has grown so much in his riding abilities this year. He was able to start jumping successfully and he was able to pull the hole shot on many races! Now, he just needs to hold on to that and stay out front.

Easton has set his goals for next year to remain in the trophies for his age group classes and then to get in the top five and bring home some trophies for his open class. He knows this will be a challenge, as he will continue to face competitors up to 9 years old in the open class. He says…”I am already so close that with a little more hard work, I know I can get there!”

Looking back at this race season, Stetson and Easton are so very thankful for the successes they both have had and for the many opportunities they have had to gain such enriching life experiences filled with many ups and downs, family time spent together, opportunities to travel to the many different states and the chance to grow as racers and as individuals!!

Stetson and Easton would like to recognize and thank their sponsors for the 2017 race season. They include: Shamrock S Ranch, Alta Fuels, Dunlop Tires, Spy Optics, Lucas Legion (Lucas Oil), Acerbis USA, ODI Grips, mom, dad and family.

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