Rio Grande County seeks state audit

RIO GRANDE COUNTY- Rio Grande County Commissioners held an executive session at the end of their meeting Wednesday, Sept. 2. After reconvening the regular session, commissioners stated that they will be seeking a Colorado State audit on the Public Health Department and other county departments as well.

According to Commissioner Chairman John Noffsker, the board as a whole decided that they wanted to pursue a state audit to get the Public Health Department financials and grant management under control before they moved forward with either hiring a new director or forming a potential Public Health District with Saguache County.

Noffsker explained that the new Interim Administrator Susan Benton has been working to organize the county’s finances and although the finances are mostly in order, there are some finds that have been placed in incorrect accounts, some of which has been left unutilized.

Commissioners drafted a letter to the state in hopes of having a state auditor help them get everything in order in upcoming months. The county is nearing its budgeting time and although they do not think an audit will be completed before the budget is completed, they are still hoping for additional help.


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