Rena Marie Boutique grand opening


Photos by Brian Williams The Rena Marie Boutique, Design, and Christian Store held a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, Nov. 17.

MONTE VISTA — The Rena Marie Boutique, Design, and Christian Store held a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, Nov. 17. The OptiMystics and the Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce were part of the festivities at 250 Adams St.

Monte Vista Chamber Manager Heather Hillin said, “We are so excited that you are opening your business. We are here to celebrate that with you today.”

Before cutting the ribbon, co-business owner Marie Mccolm thanked everyone for helping her realize her dream. Mccolm is one of four partners in the business.

“I just want to thank all our supporters for being here today. We could not have done it without you. I am a little emotional because my brother and sister-in-law can’t be here today,” she said with tears in her eyes. Mccolm then raised the scissors and cut the ribbon.

The Rena Marie Boutique, Design, and Christian Store has been open since September. Mccolm and her business partners first thought of the idea of a brick-and-mortar business, after owning a boutique, t-shirt, and vinyl shop for four years with business partners Michael Mccolm, brother Jay Martinez and sister-in-law Rena Martinez.

The name of the store came from the two women who owned the boutique from home. They laughed when they finally settled on the name, because they tried several names before they decided to just combine their names as Rena Marie, the Rena Marie Boutique flowed a lot better than the Michael Jay Boutique, Marie said.

The four business partners, who also include a junior partner Alyssa Medina, who makes customized jewelry for the store all worked out of their homes, and originally collaborated on the idea of the business in 2018.  

The at-home business took orders for sublimation tumblers, homemade epoxy tumblers, customized items, including apparel, and was steadily growing over a four-year period. As the business continued to grow, the partners thought it was time to seek out a place to make their business more available to the public.

The Martinezes live in Amarillo, Texas, but they grew up in Monte Vista, and would normally just ship items to the Mccolms in Monte Vista, or anywhere orders were placed, when the four would collaborate on an order.

They found a space to rent in a building owned by Martha and Adam Lock in Monte Vista.

The Mccolms and Martinezes began painting and getting the building opened and in early September they held a soft opening.

Though Jay and Rena had planned to make the trip from Texas for the grand opening celebration, they had an emergency and were unable to attend. They did receive pictures and text messages and wanted to thank everyone for all their well wishes and support, everyone who attended, Helen Medina, Eneda Runge, all their families and all their friends, and everyone who bought from them, and believed in them. With special thanks to their children who inspire them every day, too.

The Mccolms also want to thank everyone who attended the grand opening, everyone who purchases from their store, close friends and family who attended, including Marie’s inspiration — her two children J.C. and Austin.

For more information on the Rena Marie Boutique, Design, and Christian Store, visit 250 Adams St. or call 719-937-9629.

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