Reader extends thank yous

Dear Editor,
First, I want to express my appreciation for your kindness in covering my “new career”. You went out of your way to be helpful and all I can offer in return is this “Thank You.”
Second, and the other important reason for this letter, is to tell everyone that I have had to end my engagement as the pianist at the Tequila Star for personal reasons. So more “thanks” are in order. To all of those who came to listen, a sincere Thank You. And to all of those who intended to come in the future, this letter is both a sincere Thank You and a forewarning that I won’t be found there.
I do want everyone to know that, while my new career has obviously “sputtered,” it has not ended. I simply need to find the appropriate venue for the music that I play. That has been a problem for the 48 years that I have lived in this Valley and sadly, the only great venues for my music have too often been outside the Valley. Except for that, it’s been a wonderful place to practice as a lawyer, play at being a judge and raise a family.
I had more than one phone call congratulating me on my new career and wondering when I had retired as an attorney. Sorry about that but the truth is that I am still practicing law at my office on Adams Street. If anyone wonders why, it’s the same reason that I will not give up on entertaining people with music. I’m still having fun.
Thank you for your patience and kindness.
John S. Wilder, Monte Vista
Pianist and Attorney at Law,
in no particular order

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