Pumpkin patch tradition continues

Photo contributed Each year Jared Myers of Allied Potato Company and Cecilia Rodriguez have a pumpkin patch that is open to the public.

MONTE VISTA — Cecilia Rodriguez and Jared Myers are excited for another year of sharing their pumpkins with the San Luis Valley.

Seven years ago, Jared Myers of Allied Potato Company was curious to see if pumpkins would grow in the Valley.

Pumpkins did well, so well that Myers needed something to do with all the pumpkins. He decided to open a pumpkin patch for people to come and pick fresh pumpkins.

First, they open it up to schools from all over the San Luis Valley. Students visit the pumpkin patch every year, including Monte Vista, Crede, Crestone, Del Norte, and Alamosa schools.

Rodriguez was happy to report, “even Centennial School came this year.”

After the schools visit, the pumpkin patch is opened to the public.

Myers along with Allied Potato Company are proud of the patch and how it has grown over the years. Myers and Rodriguez both said, “It makes us happy to know that we are a part of families’ traditions and look forward to another year.”

Mary Sanchez of Monte Vista recently attended the pumpkin patch.

“My grandkids love to do this, every year we come and every year we go home and decorate pumpkins together," Sanchez said. "We have been coming so many years, that I have lost track of how many years we have come, but the patch is so nice."

For more Information on the pumpkin patch, visit Allied Potatoes Facebook page.  


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