Public hearing approves tavern license

Rain Brews, in the Fassett Building, had their liquor license approved at the Aug. 1 city council meeting.

MONTE VISTA— During the Monte Vista City Council’s regular meeting on Aug. 1 a public hearing was held to approve Rain Brews, LLC tavern license. The meeting room was packed and extra seats had to be brought in. Many of the people there came to show their support of the new tavern.
City Council conducted the hearing in its capacity as the Local Licensing Authority. During the questioning period of the hearing Rain Brews met and passed all of their inspections. One of the requirements they had to meet was to offer a light meal. It is required that all taverns offer at least a light meal of some kind to be licensed. They will be serving soups, sandwiches and salads, with their coffee, craft brews and sodas. Niño’s has also agreed to deliver to their tavern and they will have menus for their restaurant there as well.
During the hearing, the owners of Rain Brews LLC gave the council a petition they had people sign to show that they would like something like this in Monte Vista. The community response to the new tavern has been overwhelmingly supportive. Following the questioning portion of the hearing, community members were allowed to speak in support or opposition to the new tavern. Many people got up to say how happy they are to see something like this in town.
“This type of business is what Alamosa has and Del Norte has and is what Monte needs. The fact that you can order food from other businesses is a way that this business is helping our community and other businesses in the city of Monte Vista. I support it for many reasons,” said Jenny Nehring during the comment time.
One particularly moving comment came from John Wilder. As he stood before the council he told them he had two reasons to support this tavern, “I have owned 124 Adams for 45 years and in those 45 years I have watched the ebb and flow of business on Adams Street like a hawk. We all know that brick and mortar establishments are dying all throughout the country. Adams Street is desperate to fill buildings with legitimate businesses, and this is absolutely a legitimate business. And so as a property owner who is a couple doors down the street I would be here regardless of my second reason to plead with you not to let the Fassett building, which is one of the premiere buildings in Monte Vista, sit empty again. It is truly sad to stand outside my office every morning and look up and down that street and see how many vacancies are all over the place.”
For his second reason he went on to tell the council, “Some of you may know me as a lawyer, I am not here as their attorney.  A few of you may know me as the former city judge, and I’m not here in that capacity. I’m here in a capacity that not too many people know about. I’ve had a third profession since I was about 15 years old. I am a professional pianist. I went down there to have a sandwich a few days ago and mentioned it to the applicants and all of the sudden I have a job. I’ve lived in the Valley 48 years and Ohio before that. I play pop music and I’ve been waiting 48 years to find an establishment that wanted to have the kind of music I can play. I am so utterly delighted to have this chance that I can’t even put it into words. So for that reason I plead with you again to let them have this license.”     
Many other people came before the board to tell them how excited they are to see what good this business could bring the city. No one stood in opposition. The board approved the license and closed the hearing returning to the regular city council meeting. 


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