Pirates plant trees for the future

Aaron Woodke, Industrial Arts teacher at Monte Vista High School helps students plant saplings that will contribute to the future of the district

MONTE VISTA— Pirates from throughout the district, from third grade to 12th grade, gathered in the Monte Vista High School (MVHS) shop on Thursday, May 9 to plant 150 saplings. The goal is to have the saplings grow up to be young trees that will be planted throughout the Monte Vista School District to offer shade and oxygen.

For the next few years, the saplings will mature and be taken care of in a nursery behind Monte Vista High School. They will then be placed in different places throughout the district.

The project included students from as young as the third grade, because as Aaron Woodke, Industrial Arts Instructor at MVHS, explained the high schoolers who helped plant the saplings will have moved on by the time they are ready to be planted elsewhere. He hopes it will be a special memory to the elementary and middle school students that they helped plant the trees they will see throughout the district as they proceed in their educational career.

Woodke, as well as Sam Scavo from the Colorado State Forest Service helped students with the project. They and the students took several saplings and planted them in pots that are to be placed in the nursery for the next several years. The original intention was to place the saplings in the nursery on Thursday, as part of Pirate Pride Day. However, the snowstorm on Thursday put a halt to many Pirate Pride Day activities. The saplings will be placed in their incubator at a later date.

Students who participated in Thursday’s event were excited to be a part of such a worthwhile project that will impact future generations of Pirates in such a positive way. High School Senior and United States Marine Corps Recruit Brantley Webster stated she was happy to be contributing to a valuable project and was enjoying mentoring the younger students from Monte Vista Middle School and Bill Metz Elementary. Monte Vista Middle School students stated they were excited to contribute to their community and school district and were enjoying the day.

Monte Vista High School wishes to express a very big thanks to Rocky Mountain Soils for their assistance with the project. They would also like to thank SLV Garden Center.

Tree sponsors are needed for next year as this project will continue. For more information and to offer sponsorship, please contact Aaron Woodke at Monte Vista High School at 719-852-3586.


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