Offenses will come

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I guess the best way to start this off is by first apologizing. Not for anything in particular I have done or some faux pas I may have committed. No, this is a blanket apology.
For you see in today’s world it seems like no matter what you do, you end up offending someone.  And unlike days past when a small boo-boo was forgiven, today there is no end to the misery someone with hurt feelings will give you back.
And so knowing that Ol’ Dutch sometimes has a fall from grace and opens his big mouth, please forgive me for past lip movements and future ones, too.
The big guy Himself, Jesus Christ, said exactly the same thing to the disciples about offenses presenting themselves to a person. I can recall my mom, Dodge City Lou and my father, Fast Freddy quoting that verse many a time when I would come home with a chip on my shoulder from something someone said.
They let me know right quick that there was no sympathy in that household for such things and a pity party would only be attended by me and me alone.
I guess what they were really trying to tell me was that there would be lots of opportunities to be offended and what I did with that offense is what would make the difference between grumping around or just moving on. I prefer grumping around as Miss Trixie can attest but I am getting better about it with each passing decade -- I mean, day.
Ol’ Dutch can tell you many a story about well-meaning people who came along to deflate my balloon but honestly, it really doesn’t seem to matter much anymore.
Some of that I think is the emotional move that I made when the ex-wife and I split the sheets and I began to take on the “I don’t care anymore” attitude. It was that caring that got me in deep doo-doo with her in the first place and moving into a brain-dead mode seemed best for self-preservation.
Miss Trixie always looks over my shoulder when I am writing this drivel and that last sentence about Ol’ Dutch being brain-dead had her nodding her head in agreement. Nothing like a help mate helping?
Sunday was a day full of tractor repairs as I got a new clutch put in and in doing so missed out on watching the Super Bowl on the big screen. I had hired some guys to do it and felt obligated to stick around and handle some of the tools and other things.
I have to admit that their showing up on this particular Sunday really had me a bit peeved. And a great opportunity to be offended too since the Chiefs were playing and they are from my home state Kansas? Aren’t they? Maybe not. It is all a bit confusing.
And really Ol’ Dutch has to say that maybe Jesus had a one up on the whole idea as sure enough, Kansas City offense did show up and finally won the game thereby proving my point once again. I didn’t even know they had football back in Galilea. Offenses came - finally.
One thing that Ol’ Dutch is sure of is that since the Chiefs won there will be a lot of butt hurts about their mascot thereby proving my point again. Offenses will come.
But back to the tractor, I bellied up to the bar and bit my upper lip, took one for the team, doubled down, manned up, put my big girl panties on -- well now, maybe not that -- but you get the point. Ol’ Dutch needed that tractor and so I had to just forego the game and get ‘er done.
Miss Trixie, the internet manipulator extraordinaire, did set up my phone to watch the game while we tractored ourselves and I even got to watch the halftime show. There were so many boobs on there I first thought it was a session of Congress but I have to digress. At least these boobs made sense.

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