Neighborhood Watch is back in Monte Vista

MONTE VISTA - After months of being canceled due to COVID-19 safety concerns, the neighborhood watch was finally able to meet following proper guidelines. Monte Vista’s new Police Chief George Dingfelder was able to introduce himself to those in attendance. Dingfelder sharing how excited he was to be in Monte Vista saying, “I was lucky enough to be selected to this position so I’m very excited to be here. I grew up in a rural community out in the middle of nowhere Montana, so this was pretty much like being home. I love these small rural communities, and the values that come with these small rural communities.”

Dingfelder also telling those there they will definitely be continuing with the Neighborhood Watch program. “Neighborhood Watch we’re definitely going to keep that going as this is such a good program. To get the community’s involvement in making this a better place to live, to work and into reducing crime,” said Dingfelder adding, “We’re a small department and we can’t do this without the citizens. There’s just absolutely no way we can do this without the citizens. We need the citizens’ input and their advice. You’ll find I’m very community oriented and taking advice from the community on what they want. One of the questions that was asked of me was what do you hope to accomplish in Monte Vista? It’s not what I want to accomplish it’s what the citizen’s want me to accomplish because that’s who we work for. We work for you.”

At the meeting, police officer Joshua Hill was able to give an informative PowerPoint presentation on the ins and outs of Code Enforcement. Chief Dingfelder shared that code enforcement has become a priority at the police department and their code enforcement Officer has been able to get additional training. “At the end of day, with code enforcement our No. 1 priority, is to get compliance. If we don’t have to write a single ticket for code enforcement then we’re successful in getting people in compliance which is what we want,” said Chief Dingfelder.

Those there were able to ask questions and share things that they wanted the police department to know. If you would like to join the next Neighborhood Watch meeting come to the Chamber of Commerce building Aug. 17 at 6 p.m.


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