Native Writes: The passage of technology

"Grandma, can you help me?”
“Grandma, can you take me?”
“Grandma, I need…”

Today, I await help from my grandson and have come to the realization that the world of technology has sped past me at warp speed.

I changed Internet providers and opted for a self-installation option.

I’m older and wiser, right? I can do this.

Uh-uh. The box arrived early Monday and I unpacked it with the anticipation I could finish the task before I had to go to work.

Instructions were included in English, Spanish and French. All bases covered.

There are two boxes a long line of coaxial cables and a book of instructions that may seem simple to whoever wrote them.

Yikes! I texted my middle son, father of said grandson, and asked him if he could fetch his son after school and bring him to my home to help me install my new system.

He can do it. I know he can. He has been incredibly unhappy at my lack of Wi-Fi.

I missed it, as well.

The fact that I have been without social media is probably good for me. In fact, the shrinks are now pontificating about it.

Much of my work is done online and I can research subjects without going to the library.
I will spend little time on social media. No good can come of it, since I have strong doubts about the news feeds.

I’m not a linguist. I do not know Russian, even if the robots translate it into English.

It’s like telling a woman to leave the United States, then making it difficult for her to go.

There is no instruction book for politics or passage of necessary laws, which seem to have become enmeshed in a perpetual sea of partisan gridlock.

My grandson isn’t interested. He’s going on 16 in his own world and becoming comfortable with himself.

For now, we will concentrate on my immediate needs.

The new generation can save the world later.