MVPD preparing for Stampede

MONTE VISTA— “Say something when you see something,” the familiar words came up again at Saturday’s Coffee with a Cop, held at Mountain View Restaurant. Officers David Pino and Eugene Ortega were on hand to answer citizens’ questions and inform them about what the police department has been doing.
With Stampede coming up, local law enforcement has been getting prepared. During Stampede the officers go from 10-hour shifts to eight-hour shifts, because after their shift they have to work a security shift for Stampede. Officers will be on hand at the dances, parade, carnival, concert and rodeos, providing security for the annual event. With all the added needs for security that Stampede brings it can be a long rough week for law enforcement. “It’s not fun but we can get through it and have as much fun as possible in the process— and make sure our citizens stay safe,” said David Pino.
In the past, there have been issues at the dance with people getting drunk and causing trouble. The officers stated that there is a limit to how much alcohol someone can be served; a server is not allowed to serve additional alcohol to someone who is intoxicated.
During the morning discussion the use of cameras to help stop crime was also brought up. A local citizen recently had their car vandalized. They made a report to the police department and also purchased a camera to help prevent future attempts. The officers commented, “People with cameras are really helping us and themselves— and their neighbors. It deters a lot of stuff. We recommend getting one.”  Cameras are normally easy to find online or in stores and they don’t have to be expensive.
Community policing is very important to keeping local towns safe. According to the officers, average citizens are just as much a part of the police department as officers. They have less paperwork, but can still play a huge role in keeping people safe. It’s all about working together as a community with local law enforcement to insure that streets continue to stay safe.
Coffee with a Cop happens the second Saturday of every month from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Mountain View Restaurant. It’s a great chance for members of the Monte Vista community to get out and meet the people who serve and protect their town. It’s an opportunity to talk to the actual officers who are out there protecting citizens in the streets. The next Coffee with a Cop will be held on Aug. 10.     


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