MVMS engages in hands-on learning

MONTE VISTA—Summer has now been launched and the students of Monte Vista Middle School have started to enjoy their freedom from classes, homework and studies. But now that the hustle and bustle has subsided, MVMS would like to take a glance back and share how the school year ended.
Students engaged in two culminating activities that connected learning with Home Lake Veterans’ Center and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department, finishing the year with service and hands-on learning.
On May 22, the seventh grade class presented research projects for the retired veterans and residents. Teaming up together, Samuel Mathis (social studies teacher) and April Tideman (English language arts teacher) assigned a cross curriculum research unit that utilized local resources. Their projects included topics such as the origin of military branches, uniforms, tactics, battles and foods.
Students began by visiting the Home Lake Museum and Cemetery, where they learned about the history of local contributions from veterans dated back to the Spanish American War. After students completed a research paper, they then created visuals reflecting what they learned through the process.
Then taking the classroom outdoors, on May 25, students were educated on skills of knotting, casting and fishing at Home Lake. Headed by Officer Luke Hoffman, their teachers were the officers from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department.
The program, Angler Education, is designed to teach kids how to fish from the start to finish. Each of the 60+ students were presented with a free fishing pole when they were able to test out their skills.
Monte Vista Middle School would like to thank all the volunteers, residents and officers for aiding in a fantastic closure for the 2017-2018 school year.

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