MVCC approves RV parks, trash-pickup price increase 

MONTE VISTA— Monte Vista’s first city council meeting of 2019 on Thursday, Jan. 3 was both quiet and short, with only a couple of citizens in attendance and a few items on the docket.
Waste Management representative Ellie Reynolds spoke to the council about a 3.45 percent increase in trash pickup rates that went into effect Jan. 1. The increase is based on changes to the cost of doing business, as measured by fluctuations in the Consumer Price Index published by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, said Reynolds. The increase adds up to 58 cents per month for pickup of one curbside container and 81 cents for two curbside containers.
Councilor Kathleen Ellithorpe asked Reynolds about pricing for curbside recycling, which Reynolds said would be costly due to China now refusing to take plastics from the U.S. for recycling. Before the trade war between the U.S. and China, the country was the largest recycler of plastics from the U.S.    
Ellithorpe said the council would still like to see a presentation from Waste Management. Council passed the price increase request unopposed rather than seeking bids from other trash companies.
City council also passed the second readings of ordinances 891 and 893.
Ordinance 891 outlines the general provisions for recreational vehicle and RV parks and approves the allowance of the creation and operation of RV parks within Monte Vista city limits.  Applicants seeking approval of an RV park will need to confer with the city manager to review guidelines and ordinance interpretations before submitting a development plan to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review.
Ordinance 893 repeals ordinances 880 and 871, with the goal of clarifying city code regarding properties being utilized for the purpose of illegal drug and other criminal activities. The new ordinance basically allows for the Monte Vista Court to order the seizure and forfeiture of properties deemed as public nuisances due to said illegal activities as a way of abating and eradicating such nuisances.
Other topics discussed included ongoing talks about the Ski Hi Complex renovation, which will  include demolition of the old pool and rebuilding the events building; the Monte Vista Golf Course work session, slated for some time in Fçebruary and the recent work to open the ice skating rink at Ski Hi.


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