MV City Council discusses new building at Ski-Hi Park

MONTE VISTA — City of Monte Vista City Manager Gigi Dennis updated the City Council on a proposed new building at Ski-Hi Park during their monthly meeting on May 4.

Dennis approved of the overall concept of the project — that would include a restroom, flooring for the McMullin Building and heating — that was being handled by Rio Grande County. However, she was concerned with the lack of communication between the county and the city.

“We all talked about communication, but they haven’t come forth to communicate what their plans are. I asked him to stop this project until we can have a work session together,” Dennis said. “They have already got it advertised in the newspaper that they are requesting an RFP (Request for Proposal) for this building. We currently have a lunch meeting set up for June 12. He asked if that could be sooner, maybe in May. He said I will stop the project, but by no means do I want a confrontation over this.  We have to be able to understand what they are looking at, and we have to agree with it. We just can’t have people out there building and not know.”

Dennis said she met with Rio Grande County Commissioner Gene Glover last week.

“I sent you all an email. I met with (RG County) Commissioner (Gene) Glover last week. He told me that the commissioners were going to fund a new building out at Ski-Hi Park. It was going to have restrooms, for the 4-H kids. They were going to put in flooring in the McMullin Building and that they would put in heat,” Dennis said.

Dennis added that she went to Ski-Hi Park with Charlie Burd to get a sense of where the build would be constructed.

“I tried to get a sense of where the property lines are for a lease that the city went into with the county back in 1990. It’s a 40-year lease,” she said. “It extends the property lines away from the McMullin Building, and on the other side of the arena and then goes south to Sherman Avenue. I am really not sure where this new building is supposed to go.The email I sent said I am just kind of frustrated because the city has been working on a master plan out there. We reviewed the lease, and the lease doesn’t say anything about where they can put any new facilities or additional buildings out there.”

Dennis reiterated she did not want to stand in the way of the project and said she would work on scheduling a lunch or evening work session with council members and the commissioner so that they could all meet to discuss the building and lease requirements to ensure that all parties were communicating effectively on the project, in accordance with the lease agreement.

In other matters, the council declared Teacher Appreciation Week from May 8-12, and declared National Police Week from May 14-20.

May 10 was also proclaimed as Arbor Day in Monte Vista. On May 10, at 2 p.m., they would be planting a tree in honor of Arbor Day at City Hall.

City Manager Dennis said the new sign was at the Outcalt Event and Conference at SLV Ski Hi Complex and that it looked outstanding.

Dennis also provided an update on the negotiations with Bob Richards for the Vali 3 Theater building.

In a prior meeting, the council approved Richards taking over the Vali 3 Theater by leasing it from the city. Richards intends to turn the theater into a multi-purpose event center. Dennis said they expected to have the contract wrapped up within a week or so.

Dennis also spoke about the wastewater treatment plant that the city plans to build after receiving a combination of grants and loans from USDA to fund the project.

“We are going to have to come up with interim financing for our USDA Loans on the wastewater treatment plant. The loans are loans that are there for when the construction is complete, so we are going to have to do a bridge loan in the meant time to get it under way. We will be working on that and will have more details soon,” she said.

The next city council meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on May 18 at City Hall.

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