MV Chamber holds ribbon cutting for Bucks Diesel

Photo by Marie Mccolm Bucks Diesel Owner Brad Harmon cuts the ribbon during a ceremony on July 11 at his new shop in Monte Vista. The event was organized by the Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce.

MONTE VISTA — The Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting for Bucks Diesel on Tuesday, July 11.

Chamber Manager Heather Hillin and Chamber Board President Linda Burnett helped stretch a red ribbon that Bucks Diesel Owner Brad Harmon cut with the scissors.

“Yes, thank you all for coming,” Harmon said. “This is something I have wanted to do for quite some time. I didn’t think it would happen in the Valley, as it started off in the northeastern corner, but we are here. We are going to make a go.”

Harmon also received an official business plaque from the MV Chamber of Commerce.  

About 40 people attended the ceremony. The shop also served lunch.

Harmon spoke about his shop and his reasons for opening it.

“I opened this shop, knowing that there is a good demand down here for diesel work, not specifically for semis, or trucks, just diesel work in general,” Harmon said. “I did go to Rush Peterbilt and was trained there. I did some time in the oil fields and came back here. I did farm stuff for 5 or 6 years, and then started working on this. My whole goal is to help with not just trucks but all diesel work.”

Harmon said he can handle “anything and everything” diesel at the shop on 1122 North Highway 285 in Monte Vista.

“It’s geared towards anything and everything diesel even ag equipment,” Harmon said. “I have heard guys saying that they have to take road graters and some of their equipment clear over the mountain to get worked on. If that’s money saved on fuel for them, I can keep it in the Valley. That’s what I am hoping to do. I know that a lot of people are looking for help. I know the neighbors across the street have a hard time keeping things rolling and need the extra help for all the farms in the Valley. This is not a competition for me. I am here to make money and help. Right now, I am a one-man show.”

Shop hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We will see how things go and maybe next year move on to half a day Saturdays,” he said.

Bill Overton, who attended the ceremony, said he thought it was nice and was looking forward to the diesel shop.

“We have a few of these in the Valley, but it’s hard to find local, and it’s hard to find someone who can work on things right away,” Overton said. “I know there is always a wait period, but this is good for us right now. I live outside of Monte Vista, and I'll be bringing some of my equipment here. Hope it goes good for Brad. He’s a nice guy and shopping local without traveling helps everyone.”