Monte Vista’s Back to School Bash is a blast


Photos by Marie Mccolm The Monte Vista School Parent-Teacher Organization held a ‘Back to School Bash’ before the Monte Vista High School home football game on Sept. 8. Approximately 500 people, including students, parents, and teachers, attended the Back to School Bash on Sept. 8 at Monte Vista High School.

MONTE VISTA — On Friday, Sept. 8, the Monte Vista School Parent-Teacher Organization in conjunction with the LOR Foundation held a “Back to School Bash” at the high school baseball field. It was open to the public.

Approximately 500 people, including students, parents, and teachers, attended the event. The entrance to the event was decorated with green, white, and gold balloons. There were two bouncy houses at the event for children, along with a snow cone shack, a booth where you could purchase Pirate t-shirts and hoodies, a booth hosted by student council where you could purchase baked goods, and a booth where free backpacks were being given away.

People were offered free dinner along with free entrance to the high school football game that evening, and various other booths around the baseball field. The LOR Foundation had a booth at the bash.

Monte Vista High School Cheer Team Head Coach Valerie Atencio spoke about the event and her position.

“So far, this has been great. We have seen a lot of people, a lot of kids. Just seeing the community come together here for this great event is what matters,” Atencio said. “We are here to give thanks to the LOR Foundation and to the community. We were able to obtain a grant through the Lor Foundation for the Monte Vista High School cheerleaders. We purchased cheer mats, poms, flags, and a lot of other goodies to give out to our friends and fans. It has been so nice. We are hoping to go forward and go to competition and hopefully bring home first place this year. As cheer coaches we help with the transportation for the cheerleaders to get them to away games. We also coordinate pep-rallies, so that the team can support their fellow teammates and clubs. We are proud to go to competition every year against roughly 30 other teams in Colorado.”

PTO Secretary Bridget Sandoval said, “Things have been going good. It’s been busy, I am loving this. I think the teachers are having fun. I am running bouncy house number two and there have been so many people that have come out. It’s great, it’s what we were hoping for.”

Monte Vista School District Superintendent Scott Wiedeman was pleased with the attendance at the bash.

“I think it’s going really, really well,” Wiedeman said. “I just want to thank the LOR Foundation, the PTO, all the people, Jeremy Silva for donating the back packs for our kids. It’s been a good turnout. I hope everyone enjoys the football game afterwards, too.”

PTO President Sarah Noller was selling Pirate t-shirts and hoodies at the event.

“We started the PTO in 2019 at Bill Metz Elementary and we just decided this past year that we wanted to expand this to the entire district,” Noller said. “We worked with the LOR Foundation to come up with some projects, and this was one of them. I think this event has been great. I am really enjoying seeing all the families out there having a good time. There is free food, free back packs, student council is having a bake sale over there. It’s been so much fun. Some of the things we have done for the schools are a water bottle filling station over at Metz, an electronic hole puncher for the fifth-grade hall. We also help the schools wherever they need help. We volunteer at family fun nights and for other events, too.”

Ivette Atencio, who is Monte Vista officer for the LOR Foundation, was also at the event.

“I am excited to be here. We are funding a bunch of different projects for the PTO,” Atencio said. “So far, we have done the Shade Structure at Bill Metz, the Delta Center has their basketball hoop. We helped with some playground equipment for the Early Childhood Center at the high school. We have done some things over at Marsh. There’s a few more projects in the works that should happen here in the next couple of months. Also sponsoring this bash tonight. It’s wonderful to hear that parents and kids are enjoying themselves here tonight and see them interacting and laughing together. Also being told where there is more need has been great. It’s really heartwarming to be a part of the LOR Foundation and make an impact on this wonderful community.”

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