Monte Vista Schools prepare for reopening

MONTE VISTA - COVID-19 caused a very different end of year semester for students all around the globe. As the fall semester approaches many schools are getting their plans in place on how to return to the classroom as safely as possible. Monte Vista School district has recently put forth their plans as they get ready to reopen for this next semester. “Our plan will continue to be a work in progress,” stated the district in highlights of their reopening plan as new information changes daily.

In forming their reopening plan, the school district sent surveys to families in their district and said they tried to think of every possible scenario. Online registration will start July 29. All parent’s and guardians will be required to register their children online. The school shared that it will be important to let them know if they plan on having their students attend in-person or online. According to the district whatever decision the parents or guardians make they will be required to stay in that option through the first nine weeks. Parents without internet access will be allowed to come to the schools to register.

In-person learning will look different this year as they will be following proper safety protocols. For 6th through 12th graders there will be a staggered start Aug. 12 and 13. Preschool through 5th grade will start Aug. 17.

For the first quarter, students in grades 3rd-12th will come to school 50/50. With grades 6th-12th being split into groups Mondays and Wednesdays while Tuesdays and Thursdays students in 3rd and 5th grades will be split 50/50 in the morning and afternoon or alternating days. According to Superintendent Scott Wiedeman the district is working with Kids Connection to provide a place for 3rd and 5th grade students to go when not in session.

Students in preschool to 2nd grade will attend in-person every day. The school shared that they have added more teachers to these grade levels in order to decrease class sizes and follow guidelines.

The school has made clear that remote online learning will be available for any students that do not wish to return to campus with the added safety protocols. The remote online learning will start Aug. 12 same as the in-person classes.

Facemasks for many students will also become another necessary school supply. Cloth face coverings will be required for students ages 11 and older (5th grade to 12th) except during outdoor recess and exercise activities where students can maintain proper distance. Unless the student has a health or education reason for not wearing a mask they will be required to do so while indoors.

For students under the age of 10 years old masks are encouraged. According to the district if cloth masks are not suited for your child, face shields will be used in the classroom as needed. Students under the age of 10 will also not have to wear masks during outdoor recess and exercise activities.

Staff will be required to wear face coverings while indoors. “I think it’s going to be the importance of the staff to make sure that we model good behavior and what we should do and follow what the guidelines are,” stated Monte Vista’s Superintendent Scott Wiedeman at their last board meeting.

The district will also soon have a detailed transportation plan. For more information and more details about the school’s reopening plan the full district reopening plan can be found online at:


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