Monte Vista Police Report For November 26 thru Dec 2nd

Nov. 26
Female was reported missing by her father in the 10 block of Morris Street.
Matthew Marquez, 29, Monte Vista, was issued a summons for Driving Under Restraint in the 300 block of South Broadway.
Report of online harassment reported to MV PD. Report taken
Nov. 27
Ms. Brianna Morales, 25, Monte Vista, was issued a citation for “Speeding (5-9 MPH over posted speed limit)” and “Driving Under Restraint – Cancelled/Denied (Judgement).”
Report of a runaway juvenile female in the 600 block of Jefferson Street. Runaway returned Nov. 30.
Suspicious vehicle reported in the area of 5th A venue and Lyell Street
Little Sippy Archuleta, 38 Monte Vista, was arrested and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, Distribution of a Controlled Substance, Child Abuse and Reckless Endangerment at the 500 block of Stallo St.
Vehicle vandalized in the 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue between 8 p.m. on Nov. 26 and 10 a.m. Nov. 27
Nov. 28
A 15-year old female juvenile was issued a summons for Interference with educational institutions and False Reporting to Authorities in the 200 block of E. Prospect Avenue.
An identity theft report was completed from SLV Federal Bank in the 300 block of Solar Avenue.
Roger Reyes, 35 Monte Vista, was arrested for an Alamosa municipal warrant for a traffic offense and released on a PR bond.
Sex Offender re-registration.
Nov. 29
An Officer of the Monte Vista Police Department observed an equipment violation and made a vehicle contact. The driver, John Dodato, 32, Monte V ista, was arrested for an outstanding warrant and issued a summons for Driving Under Restraint.
Nov. 30
Sex offender registration.
James Molash, 36, Monte Vista was issued a summons for driving while under restraint and failing to provide proof of insurance upon request.
Report filed.
Report of a cold burglary in the 700 block of Morton St.
Animal attack, 31 Rickey Pl., Monte Vista
Kyla Adams, 31, Mosca, was issued a summons for Operated Uninsured Insurance and Disregarded a Traffic Control Device.
Jason Sanchez, 26, Monte Vista, was issued a summons for Harassment in the 100 block of South Broadway.
Dec. 1
MV PD was dispatched to the 900 block of 3rd Avenue for a disturbance in progress. Miranda Barela, 24, Alamosa; Darron Barela, 21, Alamosa and Jasmine Martinez, 21, Alamosa, were issued Summons’ to County Court for various charges. Alejandra Dupont, 20, Monte Vista is still outstanding for a Summons to County Court.
A juvenile was contacted for a traffic violation on the 500 block of Dunham Street.
Dec. 2
MV PD responded to a vehicle vs. sign accident at the 1500 block of Grande Ave.
Domestic Violence incident occurred in the 100 block alley way between Tyndal St. and Lyell St. Devon Tafoya, 39, was arrested in relation to the event.