Monte Vista Police report for Nov. 18, 2020

Nov. 9, 2020
• BRIAN JIM KELLY - 42-4-1301(1)(B)1 Drove vehicle while ability impaired -alcohol/drugs/or both Misdemeanor1,42-4-204(1)failed to display lights between sunset and sunrise

 Nov. 12, 2020
• MEGHANN ERINREYNOLDS- 16-2-110 FTAW Arrant Misdemeanor 1

• JASON CHARLESCAPLING - 18-3-208. Reckless endangerment(M3)Misdemeanor 3, 42-4-1401(1)RECKLESS DRIVING Misdemeanor2,18-8-104(1)(a)Obstructing a peace officer Misdemeanor 2,18-9-116.5Vehicular eluding(F5) Felony 5

• CARLOS RUBENLOPEZ - 18-9-116.5Vehicular eluding(F5) Felony 5,42-4-1401(1)RECKLESSDRIVINGMisdemeanor2,18-8-104(1)(a)Obstructing a peace officer. Misdemeanor2,42-2-138(1)(a)DROVE MOTORVEHICLE WHEN LICENSE UNDER RESTRAINT(CAN/DENY)Misdemeanor1,18-3-208.Reckless endangerment(M3) Misdemeanor 3

Nov. 14, 2020
• ANGEL ATENCIO - 42-4-1301(1)(A)Drove vehicle DUI -alcohol/drugs/orbothMisdemeanor1,42-4-1402(2)Careless driving caused bodily injury (MT1)Misdemeanor1,42-4-1409(3)Failed to present evidence of insurance on request (MT1)Misdemeanor1,18-13-122Illegal possession or consumption of ethyl alcohol by an und Other

• NORMA JEAN RIVERA - 42-4-1402(1)Careless drivingMisdemeanor2,42-2-138(1)(a)DROVE MOTORVEHICLE WHEN LICENSE UNDERRESTRAINT(REVOKED)Misdemeanor1,42-3-114displayed expired number plates Other,42-4-1409(3) Failed to present evidence of insurance on request (MT1)Misdemeanor 1