Monte Vista Police Report For May 22, 2019

April 28
MVPD took a report regarding the potential for future trespassing crimes from the 400 block of 1st Ave. No crime committed yet.
Welfare check on two parties last seen in Alamosa, Colo. Report filed for documentation purposes only.
Danny Lucero, 56, Monte Vista, was contacted in the 300 block of Clearview Drive and taken to Crossroads Turning Points (Alamosa).
Monte Vista police officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of Grand Ave. regarding a person walking in and out of traffic and on the train tracks.

April 29
MVPD was advised of a theft of a check which occurred in the 220 block of East Drive. Suspect has been identified as Shelia Baroz, under investigation.
Zachary Navarro, 18, Monte Vista, was cited for Unsafe/Limitations on backing at the 700 block of 1st Ave.
MVPD took a report of stolen license plates from the 900 block of Harrison.

April 30
Claude Silva, 61, Monte Vista, was charged with Driving Under Restraint at 4th and Jefferson St.
Agency Assist for a possible sex offender violation.
Antonio Vigil, 44, Monte Vista, was taken into custody for a Monte Vista Municipal Warrant.
MVPD took a report of a family disturbance at the 1100 block of Grand Ave.
MVPD took a report of a family disturbance at the 700 block of Madison.
A welfare check was done on a possible suicidal male 400 block Dunham St.
Kellie Meredith, 28, Monte Vista, was arrested on two warrants.
Officers responded to the 2200 block of East Drive for parties reported as provoking dogs through a fence. Several juvenile parties were contacted nearby and released to their parents.

May 1
MVPD responded to a verbal disturbance call at the 1100 block of Grande Ave.
Dog running at large at Ray St. and Harrison. Edward Medina, 57, of Monte Vista was charged.
A dangerous dog attacked a person in the 400 block of Ray St.
There was report of possible trespassing on the 400 block of Lyell St.
There was report of a theft. The victim did not wish to pursue charges.

May 2
Jose Flores-Lauro 20 of Monte Vista was issued a summons for theft. This occurred in the 100 block of Chico Camino.

May 3
Report of a hit and run in the 200 block of Clearview Dr. Run vehicle has not been located.
Emidio Garcia, 53, Monte Vista and Kelvin Vigil, 57, Monte Vista were taken to Detox for intoxication in the 400 BLK of Ulysses Street.
Fernando Gallegos, 28, Monte Vista, was trespassed for suspected theft in the 1300 Blk of US Hwy 160 East.

May 4
There was report of an assault on the 1000 block of Morton St.
Unattended death in the 700 block of Madison St. Report filed.
There was a report of a cold DV in the 600 Blk of Jefferson. Warrant requested.
A report of Child Sex Trafficking was reported to have occurred several years prior in a residence in Monte Vista.
There was a report of a runaway juvenile in the 500 block of 1st Avenue.
Damian Delgado, 22, Monte Vista, was arrested in the 400 block of Lyell Street for DUI, DUI Per Se, Expired Registration, Failure to Activate Head Lamps, Operated with an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, and Drove Vehicle when Safety Belt not Used.

May 5
Family disturbance in the 10 block of Rickey Pl. Report filed DHS contacted.
Officers responded to the 1600 block of Newcomb Street for a disturbance.
Officers responded to the 500 block of Pennsylvania for a report of harassment.
May 6
Juan Medina, 28, Monte Vista, was arrested for a protection order violation without incident.
Keshaun Duran, 20, Monte Vista, was cited for theft at the 100 Block of C hico C amino.


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