Monte Vista Farmer’s Market winding down

MONTE VISTA— Friday, Aug. 31 marks the third-to-last week for the Monte Vista Farmer’s Market. “This week will probably be the last week to get Palisade peaches and some of the other fruit,” said marker manager Deanne Elliot. “Be sure to come by this week and buy some.” Even if the fruits aren’t gobbled up right away, they can be used for canning and frozen for later holiday baking.
Elliot also announced the addition of a new “Share the Bounty” booth that allows residents to bring in extra goodies from their home garden without having to pay for a booth. Participants can donate their proceeds to the farmers market or sell their fruits, veggies and herbs for profit, with the market retaining 10 percent for sales tax and handling. At the stroke of 1 p.m., when the market closes down, folks will need to pick up any remaining product. “Any remaining produce and food that hasn’t been picked up will be donated to the Monte Vista Food Bank,” said Elliot.
Other items such as handmade crafts may also be sold at the new booth, with approval from Elliot. Folks interested in participating can call 719-850-8170 for more information.


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