Monte Vista clean up days a success

MONTE VISTA— The Monte Vista Clean Up Days that were held on May 10 and 11 were once again a success. Public Works Director reported that even though it was a little slower than in years’ past quite a few customers took advantage of the program. One hundred and twenty-one cubic yards of debris and tree limbs were sent out to the landfill on Friday, May 10. Saturday, May 11 saw heavier traffic and four dumpsters, plus city trucks were filled with garbage. “It was a good series of days. I appreciate the landfill working with us. I would also like to thank Waste Management. They have always been really good to work with,” he said.
The city crews are also continuing to keep the parks maintained for the summer season. The water has been turned back on in most of the parks. Seasonal hires have begun working and will help keep the parks clean and beautiful. “We have also purchased two new mowers. Each have baggers that will help with the grass and the leaves at the end of the year,” said Vance.
Public Works is also busy keeping the streets looking good for the summer. They have been sweeping, patching potholes and grading the roads. The crew has also been trying to work on the alleys, but snow that continued into May has made the alleys rough.
The water and sewer portion of public works is in full swing. There have been a large volume of shut-offs since spring. Vance explained this is likely due to the city’s policy of not shutting off water during winter much, which some customers take as they don’t have to pay their water bill. This leads to very large water bills that citizens in turn have trouble paying. Vance said he would work to further explain the systems to citizens.


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