Monte Vista BOE discusses JROTC

MONTE VISTA— Monte Vista School board had their regular meeting last Thursday, Aug. 16. During the meeting an interesting idea was presented to the school board by a member of the community. Jose Zamora, who is a resident of Monte Vista and a veteran, presented the board with the idea of starting a JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program for Monte Vista school students.
JROTC programs are linked to the Army, Air Force, Navy and the Marines and are designed to teach students the importance of citizenship and service. These programs strive to instill in students a sense of personal responsibility and accomplishment. They would be trained by ex-military personnel, who would lead them in drills.  
Zamora told the board that through the program students learn discipline and put on great performances as part of the program. “It’s for girls too, not just for guys,” Zamora said. The board showed great interest in the program. A good number of students that graduate from Monte Vista High School go onto to serve in military careers. Zamora suggested that the school board contact Pueblo’s Centennial High School who has a thriving JROTC program about how to get one started. “We have great students here at Monte Vista. We could have a great ROTC program here,” Zamora noted.   
In other news from the meeting, the district is excited to begin the school year. With the first week of school complete, it was reported that enrollment is up and they are gearing up for great year.
Plans and maintenance projects are already happening around the school. On Aug. 16 they began a renovation project on the Marsh playground. During the meeting they recognized Ritchie Powers, from the veterans center and his friend Leonard. They thanked them for their generous donation for the project and for other contributions they’ve made in the district. “I want to take this opportunity to thank them. They don’t really like the limelight, but it’s special people like that in our community that we really appreciate and want to recognize,” said Superintendent Scott Wiedeman.
During the meeting Gary Wilkinson announced that there will be a meet and greet for Monte Vista Schools on Aug. 29 at Rain Brews from 7-8 p.m. This will be an opportunity for the school staff to meet the new superintendent and principals. Community members are welcome to join this social event.


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