May Day Skate Day draws a large crowd

MONTE VISTA—SLV Roller Derby hosted a large two-bout event at Ski-Hi Saturday night, with all of the spectator spaces overflowing with fans. The appropriately spring-themed event drew roller derby competitors from several organizations including SLV Roller Derby, the Hwy 50 Hellraisers (Montrose), the Pike Peak Derby Dames, the 4 Corners Rollergirls and more. The first competition was for more beginner level participants and was divided between the Tulips (black team) and the Lilacs (white team) which combined skaters from all of these organizations. The bout was divided into two, 15-minute rounds, while the second was divided into two, 30-minute rounds for more experienced derby participants.
One-third of the event’s proceeds were donated to the Veterans Center at Homelake, and veterans were provided with an exclusive, free seating section for watching the event. They were recognized and thanked for their service by attendees and skaters throughout the event, including an impressive effort by both teams skating to the veterans’ corner, synchronizing a kneel and requesting applause. SLV Roller Derby members also personally thanked the veterans before they left, who returned the praise for the fun event.
The first bout’s black team, the Tulips, included fun pseudonyms for the skaters including Lady McSmash, Anna Phalaxis, Jenny Death, Thunder Country, Botulism, Wisenhammer, Smokey Terror, Miss demeanor, Mother Tucker, Diabla Roja, Lickety Split, and Rita Repulsa. The Lilacs (white team) included 911 Trauma One, Toxic Barbie, Black Mamba, Cool Whip, Boob-ONYx Plague, Small Town, Asian Abrasion, Wreck-It Rainbow, Tore Up from the Floor Up, Wanda Bonghit, Power Trip and Violet Streak, among others. The Lilacs were ultimately the victors after two grueling rounds with a score of 80-70.
The halftime show included audience members in a hilarious, three-round game of “full contact musical chairs.” Participants couldn’t intentionally punch or injure other players, but were welcome to shove and move as necessary. One participant removed another in the first round by picking up the back legs of the chair and dumping out the seat’s occupant, which initiated a brief wrestling match. SLV Roller Derby’s Midwest Mayhem won the final tournament round.
The second bout, the May Flowers (black team) versus the April Showers (white team), included many of the same skaters but with some additions. The black team welcomed White Chocolate, Sparkle Dash, Bomber, The Beccaning and Smokey Terror. Super Ova, Southern Helle, Lola Bipola, KCN, Strawberry Sour, Grizzly Blair, and Blondi Badgut joined the white team lineup. The April Showers were ultimately victorious with a score of 179 to 142.
Awards were presented for each team in both bouts. The first bout’s black team Blocker award went to Boob-ONYx Plague from Pikes Peak Derby Dames and their Jammer award went to Small Town. The white team’s Blocker award went to Botulism and the Jammer award went to Rita Repulsa. For the second bout, Bomber won the black team Blocker award and The Beccaning won the Jammer award. For the white team, Blondi Badgut won the best Blocker award and Tore Up won the Jammer award. The event was sponsored by SLV REC, Hooper Junction and Smokin’ Johnny’s BBQ, which also hosted the after-party. SLV Roller Derby also thanks Larry Garner, who provided the announcements, Michelle Myers, who provided the DJ Services and the Blue Spruce 4H Club for providing the concessions.
SLV Roller Derby welcomes new participants, with or without skating or roller derby experience. Interested parties must be willing to commit to two practices per week and participate in the bouts and in community service projects. The only equipment needed to start is a mouth guard. Please check their Facebook page, SLV Roller Derby, for more information.


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