Local author holds release party for third book in DED series 

MONTE VISTA — Local author Larry Garner recently published his third book in a series called “Danger Every Direction” and held a release party on Saturday, Nov. 20.

Garner’s series of books begins with the first entitled “DED DEAD.” The series is fictional and based on a character named Eric Thorssen, known in the book as “Hammer.”

In the first book, Hammer is an officer in a motorcycle gang, who becomes a vigilante, turning against his fellow gang members, when he finds out that they are involved in major criminal activity.

Hammer is running from the gang, from the law, and the DEA and running to Alabama, where he meets two women who want to join in his crusade to stop the gang's criminal activity.

In Garner’s second book, “DED Reckoning,” Hammer is back but still being chased. This time he's headed west, leaving Alabama under an assumed name, with a large amount of money in a bank account that belongs to the people who are looking for him.

In the book, Hammer does not have a destination in mind, but he wants to visit his uncle, who happens to live in the San Luis Valley. Hammer has no idea he is heading straight into another war, but he again becomes a vigilante taking out anyone involved in more criminal activity.

In the newly released third book by Garner, “Danger in every Direction,” Hammer is again on the trail of those who involve themselves in criminal activity in his community.

Hammer along with his friends, ends up at a music festival in Canyon City, and within days a young woman and a young man, who is being sought in the disappearance of the Hammer’s grandfather, disappears. Hammer along with his friends takes matters into their own hands, to deal with the people who have kidnapped the young woman and man and are engaging in more criminal activity.

His third book is being called a thrill ride through Southern Colorado by many of his fans and friends.

Garner who is referred to as Larry “the Animal” Garner, began writing in 2010. Garner was in the Navy and said his inspiration for writing came from being the guy who was always telling stories.

“People always told me you should write those down,” he said.

Garner said he always had the idea about writing but was busy building motorcycles and customized bikes and just did not have the time. Garner said that all changed after he had knee replacement surgery in 2010 and suddenly had a lot of time on his hands.

Garner said, he started with a notebook and pen, wrote two paragraphs, and just went along with it, creating the Hammer character, and he has been writing ever since.

Garner is proud of his books. His first two books were finalists in the Colorado book awards for independent self-published books.

“That was pretty gratifying for me because some people have been telling me that I am doing it all wrong, but I was a nominee, and they weren’t, so that made me feel better,” he said.

Garner’s books can be purchased online, through local bookstores, or directly through him by visiting his website.

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