LETTERs TO THE EDITOR: Are you ready for a change?

Dear Editor,
Would you like to have a City council that would respect and support our police department? Chiefs Grayson and Lopez did not leave for a better climate (or even more money).
And why do we continue to have empty storefronts in our business districts? One councilor’s alleged response: “Bringing in business is not our job!”
And why is our long-standing ordinance to prohibit marijuana sales in town on the ballot to remove it and turn away even more legitimate businesses from our town?
Check with Saguache and Costilla counties’ law enforcement, school districts and social services departments to see the ‘joys’ they have discovered from promoting and marketing marijuana.
I’ve been working for three years to destroy the image of ‘Drug Central’ hanging over Monte Vista in order to attract new businesses. With the council’s efforts to rescind our long-standing ‘Opt-Out’ position with the state of Colorado (only one voted against it) we stand to lose what small gains we have accomplished.
Both the marijuana initiative and current council members are on the ballot in November. Please reject both!
Gary Johnson, Monte Vista

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