Letter to the Editor:Scott Deacon, running as a Republican for Rio Grande County Commissioner District 1

To the editor,

Scott Deacon, running as a Republican for the  Rio Grande County Commissioner, District 1 seat, has chosen to use the petition process to seek his nomination. “I was notified by the Rio Grande County Clerk’s office that I am on the ballot,” said Deacon. There are two processes to get a candidate’s name on the ballot. One is the petition process where a candidate for a county commissioner’s  seat  has to get a set required number of signatures in the District he or she would be representing. The other process Deacon could have explored to get his name on the ballot is the caucus process. This is where people go to the party caucus meetings and obtain votes from precinct delegates.

In Scott’s case, he was required to obtain 130 qualified Republican voter signatures on his petitions from the  District 1 area of Rio Grande County. Scott went this way because  he wanted to visit with people and hear their concerns about the county, and what they wanted to see in a Rio Grande County Commissioner. Scott wants to represent the people. Scott turned in 166 signatures. “I know I could have gotten more signatures, but I wanted to meet the requirements to get on the ballot as soon as I could” he said. “I had until March 17 to turn in my petitions, but I wanted to get it done early so that I could then focus on visiting  with people about their wants and concerns concerning the county. I am hearing lots of things.”

Scott welcomes a conversation with anyone who would like to visit with him about their insights or concerns about Rio Grande County government. You can call Scott at 719-850-1180 and he will be glad to visit with you on the phone or visit, over a cup of coffee, or over the hood of a vehicle. Scott is willing to come to you.


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