LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wiescamp family expresses gratitude

Dear Editor,
The Wiescamp family wants to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who reached out to help us in our time of need. When it became known that Dale was missing, an outpouring of support emerged from throughout the San Luis Valley and beyond.
We are so grateful for those who helped in the search by driving, walking, and horseback riding throughout the region. Private pilots volunteered their time and flew the area repeatedly to search for Dale. So many friends prepared food to nourish us, sent cards and flowers to uplift us, and kept us in their prayers daily. We want to extend special thanks to Corporal Tyler Dean and Sheriff Brian Norton for their determined efforts to check out every possibility and give us daily updates.
Thanks to those who reached out through social media to help coordinate the search efforts and keep everyone updated daily.
A client recently asked Karla why she chose to live in Del Norte and the San Luis Valley. She immediately answered, “because people here really care about each other and the communities where we live.”
Dale Wiescamp family,
Del Norte

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