Dear Editor,
Can marijuana prosper our town? Ask Denver, Pueblo or Costilla and Saguache counties. These communities found less-than-expected revenue and higher-than-expected costs from regulation, law enforcement, social services, health services and increased school district costs.
And marijuana does not attract other legitimate businesses to locate in your town—only more marijuana facilities and users. Legitimate business is attracted to the vast majority (70 percent+) of towns and counties who have opted out (like Monte Vista) of the free-ride promised by amendment 64.
Here’s one of the ads that we’ll be running in major publications around the country:
Need a Hometown for your Small Business?
Colorado’s San Luis Valley may be just the place! Monte Vista which means “Mountain View” is in the Heart of the Valley and wants you, your family and your business to consider our town as your new hometown. Mountain Views! And how! See the stunning videos on our website. We have award winning schools, family friendly parks, trails & activities, a willing workforce and a “No-Marijuana-In-Our-Town ordinance. So your kids are safe, your employees are drug-free and your family can enjoy the splendor of our colorful seasons and great Mountain Views without distraction! Please visit www.WelcomeToMonte.com for more information.
Now if our hometown were to vote to bring in marijuana we can’t very well run that ad, now can we? You see, we have been fighting the reputation that Monte has had as a drug-friendly town for years. If the marijuana issue were to pass then all that work is down the drain and we’re just another pot-shop Colorado town struggling to survive.
[[But there is a catch! Please read the following very carefully!]]
Please vote yes on 2A (taxation) & and no on 2B (marijuana sales) and help us move Monte forward…not back!
Gary Johnson & Victor Sigala,
Monte Vista

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