Letter to the Editor: Suzanne Bothell fulfills those requirements to a T

To the editor,

What Rio Grande County needs is a County Commissioner who has developed and run a successful business; was deeply involved as a leader in community affairs before deciding to become a public servant; is keenly aware of the myriad problems facing the County; and is absolutely dedicated to economic development and bringing new businesses into the County.

Suzanne Bothell fulfills those requirements to a T!

She was raised on a ranch, holds a degree in agricultural economics; and she and her husband have developed and run a successful potato/barley farm here for over 30 years.

Suzanne has worked closely with County law enforcement and medical departments to increase funding and make their operations more cost-efficient. She is also involved with numerous other organizations, including: Rio Grande County Museum, SLV Friends of the NRA, and the Colorado Homeland Security Advisory Council. She is especially concerned with business development efforts and lowering the cost of county-wide operations.

Rio Grande County voters have an easy choice to make this year: re-elect Suzanne Bothell as County Commissioner, District 1.

Charles Spielman
Monte Vista


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