LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Martinez is a Competent Leader

I have lived in Monte Vista the better half of my life and I am still connected to the community as it is still home.
I learned, a group who call themselves, “The Monte Movement,” are in contention with the current council members. From the information I’ve gathered, biased statements have been directed towards the council and more specifically, Matthew Martinez.  
I can speak for Mr. Martinez’s professional conduct. I served in the United States Marines with Martinez from 2005 to 2009. We served in the same Battalion through-out our military career and I am aware of how Martinez conducts himself on a professional level. He has been placed in leadership billets since his late teens to early 20s and excelled in leading Marines, allowing him for rank promotions and accommodation letters. Martinez obeyed his orders, as we are instructed to do so from the first day of boot camp and never received any disciplinary action for insubordination or personal conduct. Part of being a good leader in the Marines is gaining the trust of your team, not only by understanding combat tactics, but by treating others with dignity, respect and looking out for their welfare. Martinez expressed each of these traits not only to his team but others around him, making him a competent leader.
Martinez displays a compassion for military and his community. I am one looking from the outside in and before, I felt there was very little being done to help our community. When I have questions, he always takes the time to explain the details and procedures the council and its citizens must follow in order to make changes.
Thank You, Phillip Vigil,
U.S. Marine Veteran, Pueblo West

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