Letter to the Editor: Candidate with the most votes should win the presidency

To the editor,

The President and Vice President are our only elected office holders who represent the entire United States. It makes a lot of sense that those two officers should be elected by the largest number of Americans who vote.

That’s not required now, of course. We all know this from seeing the second-place finisher become President in 2000 and 2016, but many people don’t know it happened three times in the 1800s too. There have also been many close calls where the candidate who came in second could have won if just a few thousand votes in a state or two went the other way.

The presidential election is the only one in the country where the second-place finisher can actually win. The National Popular Vote interstate compact would change that by making sure the candidate who gets the most popular votes throughout the United States becomes President.

I’m voting YES on the National Popular Vote referendum here in Colorado during the fall election and I encourage readers to do the same. I also encourage interested readers to explore the vast amount of information that has been compiled over the years in support of this proposed change to the way we elect the President. It’s all free by visiting https://www.nationalpopularvote.com.

 Nancy Harcourt
Del Norte, Colorado
Volunteer, Yes on National Popular Vote


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