Letter to Editor: Statement by MV Community Fund Board Member Colette Skeff


It has come to our attention that there are people on Facebook misrepresenting the Monte Vista Community Fund and making false accusations. I’d like to clarify.

  • If any person has mailed a donation there needs to be time for delivery by the post office.
  • We have no idea how much funding will be sent to us, thus we don’t know the total in regard to what we will disperse.
  • The Fund Board is working with others on criteria regarding who will receive the funds.
  • All funds received will be dispersed to victims of the fire event.
  • We will define who a fire victim is.

There are other people posting fundraisers and we assume mean well. Please be aware that not all fundraisers are legitimate and there are people who will prey on your sympathy and not use the dollars for what you thought was the intended purpose. By giving to an individual, it can dilute the amount of funding to the families.

Funding will likely not be dispersed for at least a month. People have to have the time to make the donation and for it to be processed so we have one grand total to divide amongst those who deserve it.

The community is suffering and, of course, those directly impacted are devastated. Their life has changed and possessions and property lost.

The Monte Vista Community Fund is a 501-(c) 3 non-profit organization that was established in 2009 to provide a mechanism for raising funds for various groups that promote, support, and enhance the Monte Vista community. The fund is a pass-through account for such groups. Other projects using this fund are the Monte Vista Kids Connection, the Faith Hinkley Veterans Memorial Park, the Don Schall Scholarship, and most recently the Friends of Ski Hi.

All dollars within the fund are earmarked to the specific event or project, thus we are requesting you write “fire fund” or “fire victims” on the check. There is no administrative fee collected and no expenses are paid to the MVCF for the use of this account. Mail to PO Box 751, Monte Vista, CO 81144 or you may drop off a check at the City of Monte Vista and they will get the check to us.

Please be patient. Stop calling out the City Mayor, Council, and staff. They are working hard and providing services that they don’t have to provide. There is a lot of coordination and communication with federal, state, and local organizations who want to help Monte Vista heal and move forward.

People give money, food, etc. because they believe in our community and they want to help those who are suffering. I’ve never been prouder than to see so many individuals giving from their heart to help those they have never met. This is who we are. We are Monte Vista proud.

Colette Skeff

MV Community Fund Board Member