Letter to Editor: MV Food Bank has specific needs for holidays


As the holiday season draws near, the needs of the Monte Vista Emergency Food Bank grow bigger.  On average the food bank provides meals to 500-700 people for Thanksgiving. Christmas usually brings between 200-500 more people looking to feed their families for the holidays.

Our food bank runs solely from the generous donations of this wonderful community! Individuals, businesses, churches, clubs, and schools make our job a little easier in helping provide for people's food needs. We are still in need to provide for the holidays.

The food bank has specific needs for the holidays. We try and provide everything a household would need to make an amazing holiday meal!  The following list includes most of what we give in our special holiday bags. We ask that all items are unopened, and not expired.

  • Turkeys (whole and/or breast)
    • Ham loafs (whole or half)
    • Dressing (boxed)
    • Sweet potatoes or yams (canned)
    • Cranberries (canned)
    • Green Beans (canned)
    • Pumpkin (canned)
    • Evaporated milk
    • Crushed or chucked pineapple
    • Chicken broth and/or cream of mushroom soup
    • Cake or cookies mixes
    • Jello (boxed)
    • Olives

To donate, please contact Jennifer Becker, MV Emergency Food Bank executive director, at 719-850-2709. You can also bring your donations directly to the food bank during our regular hours. We are open Tuesdays and Fridays from 2 to 4 p.m. The food bank phone number is 719-852-4851 and we are located at 245 Washington St. in Monte Vista. You can also find us on Facebook or email Jennifer directly at [email protected]. Monetary donations are always needed as well. Please mail your check to PO Box 844 Monte Vista, CO 81144.

Thank you in advance for your very generous donations! Together we can conquer hunger!

Jennifer Becker

Monte Vista